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Vocab List 3

Vocab List 3

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Vocab List 3

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  1. Vocab List 3 All 20…

  2. Adj. slow and clumsy because of great weight The rhinoceros may look ponderous, but don’t aggravate one because they run quite fast when provoked! Ponderous

  3. N. Frustration; disappointment My discomfiture showed all over my face when I didn’t win Homecoming Queen. I thought I had it locked in- Discomfiture

  4. N. Roll around in mudor water The expression “to wallow in self-pity” has a vivid visual association. Wallow

  5. V. Ask urgently; beg I beseech you: please don’t chew with your mouth open!! Beseech

  6. V. To correct; reprimand; Shame into correctbehaviour Lloyd was sufficiently chastened by his day in ISS. He was also mortified to have a discipline record for an act of stupidity. Chasten

  7. Adj. quick to argue orfight Not generally used to describe a woman’s anatomy, pugnacious usually modifies a person’s attitude (i.e. hot-tempered). Pugnacious

  8. N. High point of land projecting into a body of water Annie stood on the promontory and enjoyed the view; she could see for miles across the ocean. Promontory

  9. V. express sympathyfor “While I commiserate with your situation, we need to find a solution so your work doesn’t suffer,” said the oh-so-sympathetic supervisor. Commiserate

  10. Adv. In a showy or vulgar manner He drove around ostentatiously in his new Lamborghini, acting as if he makes millions. Ostentatiously

  11. Adj. fancy; luxuriousV. to give generously to At the beginning of their relationship, Joe Starks lavished compliments and gifts on Janie. Lavish

  12. N. aggressive, undesirable dog If someone calls you a cur, rest assured it’s not a compliment. Cur

  13. N. One who seizes power by force A deposed leader will call his successor a usurper even if he was voted out of office. Usurper

  14. N. Large or protruding stomach The middle-aged man’s bane: the paunch. Paunch

  15. V. Walk arrogantlyN. self-assurance Partly because of her swagger, Lisa has the mien of a confident young lady. Swagger

  16. V. Avoid making a decision to gain time The opening band was obviously temporizing, but we found out later that the Chili Peppers didn’t even arrive at the arena until 11:00. Temporize

  17. Adj. sulky; gloomy My parents would send me away from the dinner table if I acted sullen; they didn’t want to see my pouting face. Sullen

  18. N. Change in form or appearance Joan Rivers’ transfiguration due to copious plastic surgery has not been good. Yikes! Transfiguration

  19. V. Grow weak or feeble Before central air-conditioning, southern ladies (in all their petticoats) would languish in the afternoon heat. Languish

  20. Adj. glowing; emitting light There is a natural mineral that has phosphorescent properties; if you chip it, it glows. Phosphorescent

  21. Adj. lasting only a short time When your love is transient, it was likely lust because love endures over time and through trials. Transient