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Vocab List #7

Vocab List #7

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Vocab List #7

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  1. Vocab List #7 Dane Mui Cody Klansnic Jake Lindahl Gunnar Erickson

  2. Synthesize • Verb • To form (a material or abstract entity) by combining parts or elements ( opposed to analyze) • Book sentence: “You see here the proof that I have found a way of synthesizing these anti-stories, and these shadow-tales.” • My Sentence: “A writer takes all of his thoughts and ideas and synthesizes them to create a work of art.”

  3. Insipid • Adjective • Without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities. • Book sentence: “‘Switch on the darkness!’ screeched Khattam-Shud, his usual, insipid manner falling away from him like a mask.” • My sentence: “The large beast was very furious and had a insipid personality.”

  4. Elude • Verb • Toavoidorescapebyspeed,cleverness, trickery, etc.; evade: to elude capture. • The book’s example: “Before the ‘darkbulbs’ had been switched on, he had reached the gigantic machine, having eluded numbers of Chupwala guards .” • My example: “ When I hit my older brother I eluded him by running down stairs and locking my door as fast as I could.”

  5. Oblivious • Adjective • Unmindful;unconscious;unaware(usuallyfollowedby of or to) • The book’s example: “Haroun lay stretched out on the back of Butt the Hoopoe, obliviousof everything except his wish.” • My example “When my friend was driving he was oblivious to the fact that he was drifting across lanes.”

  6. Consternation • Noun • A sudden, alarming amazement that results in confusion • Book sentence: “If Haroun had been in Gup City at that moment, he would have enjoyed witnessing the consternation of the Eggheads at the P2C2E House. • My sentence: “The scuffle between the cow and the ninja left the farmer in consternation and utter disbelief of what he just saw.”

  7. Chivalry • Noun • The rules and customs of medieval knighthood • Book sentence: “Silence, Page! The rules of chivalry demand our acceptance!” • My sentence: “For his final test, the young knight in training had to swear to follow the rules of chivalry.”

  8. Inscrutable • Adjective • Not easily understood or analyzed • Book Sentence: “The Shadow Warrior had been observing these goings on with an utterly inscrutable expression on his green face.” • My Sentence: “It was easy to tell that the teacher’s lecture was inscrutable by the blank looks on her students’ faces.”

  9. Minion • Noun • Subordinate of a person in power. • Book Sentence: “Come out; your minions are defeated, and now it’s your turn!” • My Sentence: “The King and his minions conquered the small town.”

  10. Incapacitated • Adjective • Unable to act, or respond • Book Sentence: “Meanwhile, they were sent to search the Ocean, and after a short time they located the incapacitated Hoopoe.” • My Sentence: “The incapacitated man was unable to answer the phone because he was eating.”

  11. Judiciously • Adverb • Wise in handling practical matters; prudent, cautious • Book Sentence: “The Walrus nodded slowly and judiciously, seven times.” • My Sentence: “Odysseus, a wise hero, was able to judiciously escape from the Cyclops’ cave.”