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Vocab. List #7

Vocab. List #7 . By: Andrea Valdes, L eila S titou , Yareli Lomeli & Shaheen Iqbal. Synthesize. Part of Speech: Verb Definition: to combine (things) to make something new; #mixing #combining

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Vocab. List #7

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  1. Vocab. List #7 By: Andrea Valdes, Leila Stitou, YareliLomeli & ShaheenIqbal

  2. Synthesize • Part of Speech: Verb • Definition: to combine (things) to make something new; #mixing #combining • Story Sentence: “You see here the proof that I have found a way of Synthesizing these anti-stories, and these shadow-tales” (160). • Our Sentence: In order to make chocolate milk, the kid synthesized chocolate powder and milk.

  3. Insipid • Part of Speech: Adj. • Definition: lacking interesting qualities; #dull • Story Sentence: “’witch on the darkness!’ screeched Khattam-Shud, his usual, insipid manner falling away from him like a mask” (153). • Our Sentence:Since the boring, insipidspeaker made all the students fall asleep, he was never invited to talk at the school again.

  4. Elude • Part of Speech: verb • Definition: escape from or avoid capture; #tricking • Story Sentence: “Before the ‘darkbulbs’ had been switched on, he had reached the gigantic machine, having eluded numbers of Chupwala guards” (163). • Our Sentence: As he ran through the flames, the firefighter eluded the falling roof and walls that threatened his safety.

  5. Oblivious • Part of Speech: adj. • Definition: not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one; #distracted #unawareof #unconsciousof • Story Sentence: “Haroun lay stretched out on the back of Butt the Hoopoe, oblivious of everything except his wish” (171). • Our Sentence: The girl was so infatuated with the drawing in front of her, that she was oblivious to the fact that the teacher was calling her name.

  6. Consternation • Part of speech: noun • Definition: A state of anxiety or sudden, alarming amazement that results in dread #dismay#confusion • Story sentence: “if haroun had been in gup city at that moment, he would have enjoyed witnessing the consternation of the eggheads at the p2c2e house” (172). • Our sentence: Obama felt deep consternation because he was being strongly judged by the people.

  7. Chivalry • Part of speech: noun • Definition: to be courteous towards woman; qualities of being like a knight #polite#respectful • Story sentence: “Silence page! The rules of chivalry demand our acceptance!” (182). • Our sentence: Mr. Esophagus performed a chivalrous act when he held the door open for the woman walking out of the store.

  8. Inscrutable • Part of speech: adj. • Definition:Incapable of being investigated; #mysterious • Story Sentence: “The Shadow Warrior had been observing these goings on with an utterly inscrutable expression on his green face” (183). • Our Sentence: In situations where evidence is lacking, some murder cases remain inscrutable forever.

  9. Minion • Part of Speech: (n.) • Definition: Slavish follower of somebody generally regarded as important; #assistant #servant • Story Sentence: “Come out; your minions are defeated, and now it’s your turn!” (186). • Our Sentence: He should thank all his minions for slavishly working to make him so.

  10. Incapacitated • Part of Speech: Adj. (or verb when “incapacitating”) • Definition:unable to act or respond; #busy #occupied #cantmove • Story Sentence: “Meanwhile, they were sent to search the Ocean, and after a short time they located the incapacitatedHoopoe” (191). • Our Sentence:  Joe was so incapacitated by paralyzing fear that he remained frozen to the spot.

  11. Judiciously • Part of Speech: Adv. • Definition: having or showing good judgment • Story Sentence: "The Walrus nodded slowly and judiciously, seven times“ (201).  • Our sentence: The teacher judiciously decided that the student shouldn’t be able to retake the test.

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