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Vocab List 4

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Vocab List 4
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Vocab List 4

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  1. Vocab List 4 By: Brandon, Tony, Samantha And Adrianne

  2. DISDAINFUL Disdainful-(adjective) Expressing contempt, disapproval of something or someone who does not deserve respect. The Odyssey: “And one disdainful suitor added this: ‘May his fortune grow an inch for every inch he bends it!’” Original: With a disdainful glare, he looked at the man who took the children’s candy.

  3. COMMANDEER Commandeer-(verb) To seize for military or other use. The Odyssey: “My lords, hear me: suitors indeed, you commandeered this house to feast and drink in, day and night, my husband being long gone, long out of mind.” Original: Her house had been commandeered by the men, because it had been taken over she had to stay elsewhere.

  4. ADVERSITY Adversity-(noun) A condition marked by misfortune, disaster. The Odyssey: “I bore adversities, but in the twentieth year I am ashore in my own land.” Original: One must overcome many adversities to make it to their destination.

  5. Implacable Definition: (adj)nottobeappeased,mollified,orpacified;inexorable. Sentence: “Friends,” he said, “the man is implacable.” Original sentence: Our enemy was implacable on the battlefield.

  6. Revulsion Definition: (noun) astrongfeelingofrepugnance,distaste,ordislike Sentence “Revulsion, anguish in his heart, with both feet kicking out, he downed his chair, while the shrouding wave of mist closed on his eyes. Anguish in his heart, with both feet kicking out, he downed his chair, while the shrouding wave of mist closed Original sentence: The boy had revulsion towards spiders after he was bitten.

  7. Aloof Definition: Adjective: not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant. The Odyssey Sentence: “ Who else in the world would keep aloof as you do from her husband if he returned to her from years of trouble, cast on his own land in the twentieth year?” Sentence: Ted wasn’t outgoing so he often stood by aloof away from others.

  8. Tremulous Definition: Adjective: Shaking from nervousness, or weakness or from fear. The Odyssey Sentence: “Their secret! As she heard it told, her knees grew tremulous and weak, her heart failed her.” Sentence: Guys may feel tremulous when asking someone to homecoming because of lack of determination or fear of rejection.

  9. Lavish Definition: Extravagant; more than is needed, or to give in great amounts or without limit POS: Verb Sentence from story: “…just so Athena lavished beauty over Odysseus’ head and shoulders.” Own sentence: Katie got lavished by gifts on her sixteenth birthday.

  10. Revelry Definition: Noisy merrymaking; festivity POS: N Sentence from story: “In that revelry amid his throng of friends who would imagine a single for though a strong foe indeed-…” Own sentence: Midnight, during the New Years party, there was revelry that woke up cranky neighbors.

  11. Restitution Definition: Making good for loss or damage, repayment POS: N Sentence from story: “As for ourselves, we’ll make restitution of wine and meat consumed, and add, each one, a tithe of twenty oxen with gifts of bronze and gold to warm your heart.” Own sentence: Tom was pulled over for littering and had to pay restitution by serving on a road crew and cleaning up the highway.