what is density n.
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WHAT IS DENSITY?. DENSITY (definition). The measurement of how much mass is contained in a given volume. Different substances may have the same mass but don’t fill the same volume!. The density of a substance is the same for all samples of that substance. HOW DO WE CALCULATE DENSITY?.

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density definition
DENSITY (definition)
  • The measurement of how much mass is contained in a given volume.
how do we calculate density
  • To calculate the density of an object, divide its mass by its volume.
  • Density = Mass


  • D = m


what are the units involved
What are the units involved?
  • A unit of density is always a unit of mass, such as grams, divided by a unit of volume, such as cubic centimeter.
this is what that looks like
This is what that looks like!
  • g/cm3 (grams per cubic centimeter)
  • g/mL (grams per milliliter)
floating and sinking
Less dense materials will float on top of more dense materials.

Objects with a density of less than 1-g/mL will float on top of water.

Objects with a density greater than 1 g/mL will sink in water.

Floating and Sinking
neutral buoyancy
Objects with a density equal to the density of water will float in mid water, at what ever level you place the object.

Fish and submarines control their depth by changing their density.

Neutral Buoyancy
titanic sails the ocean blue
The Titanic is sailing on its maiden voyage.

What is the density of this enormous, steel hulled ship, full of machinery, coal, people, and all sorts of heavy things?

It’s floating, so it’s density must be less than 1 g/mL.

How can this be?

The Titanic is a hollow vessel full of air!

Titanic Sails the Ocean Blue
titanic verses iceberg
After HMS Titanic struck the iceberg, she started to fill with water.

What happened to her density?

As she took on more and more water, her density got closer and closer to 1 g/mL.

The denser the ship became, the lower she settled into the water.

Titanic verses Iceberg
wreck of the titanic
What is the density of the Titanic resting on the ocean floor?

Must be greater than 1 g/mL, as her steel hull is full of water instead of air.

Wreck of the Titanic