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Solar Energy

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Solar Energy
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  1. Solar Energy By Christopher Fedor Gabe Falo Katie Joy Riley Smith

  2. Facts about Solar Energy Energy Video

  3. Facts about the sun and solar energy • For hundreds of years, the sun has been used to help us with food, clothes, and now, solar power. • Only about a hundredth of a millionth of a percent is what is given to our Earth to power so many of our things. For example, trees, flowers, shrubs, and solar plants and that is how other animals get energy. From eating the plants that get the energy. • The sun is about 150 million kilometers away (93,205,678.836 miles)

  4. How Solar Power works • How solar energy works • People use solar cells to convert light to electricity. • When the light hits these cells they convert light to electricity because the semiconductor in the cells converts the light to electricity that flows through the circuit. • For example you can power a 100w light bulb in a sunny climate from one square meter of solar panel. • Another example is a calculator.

  5. Solar Energy Advantages You can used it independently, without having to subscribe to a company. After you pay the initial price for the solar panel, the energy is free! No noise: solar energy is completely silent! The sun will never run out of power. It is renewable. It doesn’t pollute the air. You can cover an entire roof to power a home. SOLAR POWER!!!!!

  6. Disadvantages • Solar panels cost a lot of money to get them and to get them put up. • They take up a large area of space so you need to have a good amount of room for them. • Solar panels are only useful when the sun is shining. • The location of solar panels can affect its performance, due to possible obstacles from buildings or landscapes around it.

  7. Is Solar energy good for the environment

  8. Renewable Non-Renewable • The sun is, in fact, renewable. • The sun will keep shining so we might as well keep using it.

  9. There are a lot of tall buildings in Pittsburgh, so the sun would be more powerful. • However, we have many overcast days here. • Approximately 159 out of the total of 365 days a year here are cloudy, so you would not be able to get power of those days. • Since that many days are without power, you would have to have a lot of solar panels to make up for the days where you cannot generate power. • If you relied fully on solar power in Pittsburgh, you would have days where you couldn’t do anything because you are stuck in the dark. • Therefore, solar energy would not be the best clean energy for Pittsburgh.