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Amadeus CheckMyTrip

Amadeus CheckMyTrip

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Amadeus CheckMyTrip

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  1. Amadeus CheckMyTrip Increasing customer loyalty and your own efficiency Author, Department Place, Date

  2. Amadeus CheckMyTrip The travel itinerary service already used by 3 million travellers per month

  3. What is Amadeus CheckMyTrip? • By connecting to the Internet address, you access Amadeus CheckMyTrip, a service that • gives all travellers with an Amadeus reservation access to display their real-time reservation details • together with context sensitive destination information (weather, dialing codes, event guides, currency exchange rates, etc.) • A cost and time saver for Amadeus Customers (Travel Agents and Airlines) since their end consumers (the travellers) look up their own itinerary rather than contact the Call Centre of the company that they booked with.

  4. What do I need as a Travel Agent? Context : • Travel agencies have suffered in the last few years and with fierce competition, they try to find value added services that will increase customer loyalty and preserve their customer basis. • Provide your customers their reservation details quickly and easily • Save time and reduce costs by avoiding contacts to your call centers when questions could be answered by the appropriate web-service • The ability to focus on your core business • Guide your clients to a reliable service which will give them a full picture of their travel details.

  5. What do I need as a Traveller? • Amadeus provides solutions that span pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip requirements, the Total Trip Experience, the one that combines in depth intelligence with timely services and complete peace of mind. • Access your real-time reservation details anywhere and anyplace through an easy to understand interface. • Visualize your complete itinerary at once. • Be informed of changes related to your reservation details • Keep track of your past, ongoing and future trip details to avoid looking for related information everywhere. • Be able to communicate easily your travel plans to others.

  6. Amadeus CheckMyTrip itinerary service Available through: A downloadable application that imports and stores Itineraries locally on the device. Trial applications available for Blackberry, iPhone, Java, Android, windowsMobile downloadable on be browsed from a mobile phone only) The travel itinerary service is integrated into the Travel Agency’s own website and tailored to its brand’s look-n-feel. Mobile Web CheckMyTrip A light 'mini version' of the normal html-CMT Reachable on : http://www.checkmytrip.comif viewed from a phone-based web browser only. Heading to the next generation

  7. Amadeus CheckMyTrip… from classic Next Generation • New enhanced services to give the best benefits to travellers/customers and travel agencies • Clearer and easier to use through new user interface • Heightened end-user interaction through personal accounts, offering full control, personalisation, preferences and a convenient time-saving Trip list of past, ongoing and future trips • Increased end user (traveller) satisfaction by constant access to itinerary and self-service online check-in links • Timely travel informationthough real-time PNR data shown and links to airlines online check-ins • One-Stop-Shop: itineraries and content rich destination information in one single site • Potential revenue opportunities for the travel agency through website referrals • Possibility to choose default language among 23 and display market-regional settings • Cost saver for travel agents and airlines through reduced calls to help-desks

  8. Overview:key features  new user interface and new logo Already available • Clickable teaser in the current CheckMyTrip to access preview of new CheckMyTrip • Directly on

  9.  Possibility to open several itineraries at the same time in collapsed and extended views Already available • Time saving and increased satisfaction • Visualisation of the complete itinerary at once

  10.  Access to the Trip tools (general page) Already available • Increased satisfaction with access to additional information • Access to the trip tools page

  11.  Access to the Trip tools integrated to the itinerary Already available • Increased satisfaction with access to additional information related to the trip destination

  12.  Access to the Trip tools (lightbox) Already available

  13. What’s coming?

  14.  Personal Account: login March To login, if the user has already created an account To create a personal account • Time saving and customised environment

  15.  Personal Account: Creation of a trip list March Streamlining, time saving and better usability • The user can set language preference and save trip-itineraries into a personal trip list. • The trip list can save any currently active (ie. future or ongoing) trip, and will also show already saved trips, even once already flown.

  16.  Personal Account: Additional trip annotations March • Personalised information and better usability • Annotation displayed on mouse-over and in the trip itinerary

  17.  Sharing your travel details • Possibility to share the trip on Facebook by clicking on “Share” • Destination and date are then displayed on the Facebook wall • Benefit: Facilitates sharing trip details, hence increased satisfaction

  18.  Dynamic Display and Referrals Airline logotype Travel Agency logotype March • Travel agency logotype on each itinerary (OID creator) • Personalised access with the ability to set regional parameters for how itineraries display • Increased traffic on travel agency’s website, potential Up-sell opportunities and goodwill valorisation • Cost saving, time saving and value-added service for the traveller with on-line check-in referrals

  19. Implementation / ordering procedure • Amadeus CheckMyTrip is already available on • Amadeus CheckMyTrip is compatible with the majority of Internet browsers. • The page with the itinerary is displayed in encrypted mode using SSL to guarantee the confidentiality of the displayed information (hence ‘https’ in the start of the URL). • Any traveller with internet access is a possible user. This includes of course not only the internet access at home or at work, but also access in public areas or airport lounges. • Access to and implementation of logo within Amadeus CheckMyTrip are free of charge. Integration of logo will be managed through Site Manager.

  20. Roadmap Q1 11 • Preview of the future design of Amadeus CheckMyTrip accessible from • Since Nov 2010 • Additional features available on : Personal account, Trip list, Dynamic display : Travel agency logotype and website and Regional settings, Airline online check-in referrals, Ability to push the trip to Facebook • February 2011 Q2 11* • CheckMyTrip Next Gen accessible from • April 2011 • CheckMyTrip plus : PNR Servicing Enhance the security to allow the traveler to act on his/her PNR Ability to enter APIS information Ability to book non chargeable services Private public view Ability to display ancillary services (chargeable meals, seat, baggage…) Ability to display offers made by the TA • Social Networking : Further Social Network extension • CMT Mobile Companion : Reflect new design &Cater for CMT Next gen feature • After March 2011 *Temporary snapshot of the market requirements candidate for the CheckMyTrip

  21. Key FAQs Q When will we be able to access new version of Amadeus CheckMyTrip? Starting mid November, a preview of the new version of Amadeus CheckMyTrip is already available. From the current, the top advertising Banner provides an access to this preview to show the new design. The full list of features will be implemented by 1Q2011 Q How can we access the new version of Amadeus CheckMyTrip? From the login page and the itinerary page of the current Amadeus CheckMyTrip:, the top advertising banner provides an access to the future Amadeus CheckMyTrip that will replace the current version in 2011. By clicking on the banner, a new internet browser window or tab is opened on the future Amadeus CheckMyTrip home Page.

  22. Key FAQs Q When will the current version be replaced? The new version of Amadeus CheckMyTrip will be accessible from end of March 2011. The mobile solutions will be enhanced with Next Gen features plus dedicated mobile requirements later in 2011. These enhancements are not planned yet but will happen after the delivery of the Amadeus CheckMyTrip Next Gen project in 1Q2011. Regularly updated FAQs document available. Q Will the features of the new version of Amadeus CheckMyTrip be available on mobile solutions?

  23. Key FAQs Q How can I access Amadeus CheckMyTrip from a mobile? From which mobiles? There are two ways of accessing Amadeus CheckMyTrip with a mobile: from the mobile version of Amadeus CheckMyTrip website and from the Amadeus CheckMyTrip Mobile Companion Mobile web CheckMyTrip If the user types in the browser of a mobile then a specific version of Amadeus CheckMyTrip is shown. The mobile CheckMyTrip website is designed to be more easily viewed on small screen devices such as phones and to only show essential parts of the Itinerary without any heavy graphics or pictures. CheckMyTrip Mobile Companion You can also download the Amadeus CheckMyTrip application on your mobile ( Once installed your mobile device, you can use this application anytime you travel, with or without internet Connection. More info:

  24. Call to action • Amadeus CheckMyTrip, a brighter, bolder, better solution for your business and your customers • Contact you local Amadeus representative to learn more about • How this solution can enhance your customer service and increase customer loyalty • How this solution can save your time

  25. Thank you You can follow us on: AmadeusITGroup