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Amadeus Training | Amadeus Global Distribution System Training-GOT PowerPoint Presentation
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Amadeus Training | Amadeus Global Distribution System Training-GOT

Amadeus Training | Amadeus Global Distribution System Training-GOT

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Amadeus Training | Amadeus Global Distribution System Training-GOT

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  1. Amadeus Training contact us: India: +91 406677 1418 USA: +1 909 233 6006 email id:

  2. Global Online Trainings • Global Online Trainings has proven track record of delivering successful trainings on various technologies globally to improve. • The bottom line of the business for competencies of the corporate and careers growth of the individuals consultants. • We are providing best online training center that provides you training on all modules of SAP, Oracle, SAS, PHP and Testing Tools, Data Warehousing, PLSQL and SQL. • Our  professional and efficient team of trainers brings out their years of expertise to let their students understand the complexities of the technology that they are training on. 

  3. Global Online Trainings • Global Online Trainings Provide Online Training through virtual classes but at no time during our training program will you feel that you are not connected to us physically.  • Global Online Trainings subject matters experts will provide you online tutorials in such an engaging and engrossing way that you will never feel you are not in a physical classroom.  • Global Online Training application sharing, remote desktop support, chat to clear doubts, virtual white board sharing and question/answer sessions are some of our prominent features that truly sets us apart from other online training provider.

  4. Introduction of Amadeus Training • Amadeus Training will make you to understand that it is one of the most leading Amadeus Global Distribution System Training (GDS) and sometimes it also called as Computerized Reservation System (CRS). • The tool GDS in Amadeus Global Distribution System Training is widely used by travel agents for visionary bookings for air lines, railways, insurance, accommodation and car rentals etc. • In Amadeus Training you will know how to provide comprehensive services of price, availability and reservation in online. • Amadeus is won by Amadeus IT Group and its head quarters in Madrid in Spain. There are two core business areas of in Amadeus Global Distribution System Training business and one branch for providing solutions for information technology (IT) solutions. • Amadeus is providing membership with international air transport association, online travel agencies as a composition. By the efforts of air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS to provide a technology bridge in between vendors and travel agencies that Amadeus was born. • Amadeus in its inception focused on airlines reservation and bookings. Slowly Amadeus was expanded its horizon to other vendors like railways, accommodation, car hire, water transports etc. 

  5. Advantages of Amadeus Training • The merging of travel matrix will gives Amadeus an upper edge. • With Amadeus Training, bookings with Amadeus will involve Altea have the top most level of excess and everything happening in real time. • In Amadeus even if onward booked on separate carriers yet they would be displayed hence rearrangement will becomes very easy. • The PNR will be common in between Altea Amadeus and air lines so no duality in PNR or command. • With Amadeus Training you can perform not only STD, STAs but also even ETD, ETA and ATA and ATD are also displayed. • With the help of Amadeus Training, you can reduce ADM as same for air lines and Altea. So there is no more waiting for seat request as soon as acceptance or rejections are displayed. • You can sort FF or Mileage membership data, which in case does not match with the booking is outright rejected and displayed. • If a correct FF or MM details are entered all levels of information can be collected about the PAX. • By taking Amadeus Training you will know how to update PNR.

  6. Overview of Amadeus Training • Amadeus is the leading industry player, operating at intersection between technology and travel. With Amadeus Training, you will be able to facilitate journeys for hundreds of millions of people • Amadeus is an essential source of reference information system available to all Amadeus users. In Amadeus Training, some part of information systems are updated by Amadeus others by external providers. • In Amadeus, the information is stored in information system using a structure consisting of three levels those are category, subject and page. • The transactions will go to access the AIS (Amadeus Information System) pages is GG and is referred as Go and Get. • In Amadeus Training you can display main topics of information available in AIS. Global Online Trainings is also providing Training for Amadeus Online Training from India.

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