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Let me know your Mother Tongue PowerPoint Presentation
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Let me know your Mother Tongue

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Let me know your Mother Tongue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let me know your Mother Tongue. Significant places in my homeland. 46 Primary School – Sofia ,Bulgaria 2014. Significant places in my homeland .

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Letme know your Mother Tongue

Significant places in my homeland

46 Primary School – Sofia ,Bulgaria


krushuna falls

Krushuna Falls (Крушунскиводопад) is a waterfall in North Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna, Letnitsa Municipality, 34 km from the city of Lovech. They are famous with their picturesque landscape and are formed by many travertines.


seven rila lakes

The Seven RilaLakes are a group of lakes of glacial origin (glacial lakes), situated in the northwestern Rila Mountains in Bulgaria. They are the most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria. The lakes are situated between 2,100 and 2,500 metres elevation above sea level.

Seven Rila Lakes

kaliakra cape
Kaliakra cape

Kaliakra (pronounced Kaliakra Greek Kali Accra ) is long and narrow cape on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast , in the southeast part of the Dobruja plateau. Located near the villages Balgarevo and St. Nicholas , 12 km from Kavarna and 60 km northeast of Varna . Cape jutting 2 km into the sea and resembles Peninsula is a natural and archeological reserve and one hundreda tourist sites . Here shag nests and can be observed dolphins.The beach at Cape Kaliakra cliffs type sheer cliffs drop 70 meters down to the sea. Rocks are hard Sarmatian limestone and conglomerates cemented with clay, rich in iron oxides that give the characteristic reddish hue. Surfing waves have carved their foot caves , reefs and arches , which can be reached only from the sea . Many underwater rocks are the result of strong abrasion.Bay formed by the cape is a very good shelter in a storm to go from here ships. Nose has a museum , a restaurant, a lighthouse , marine radar station , weather station and chapel.

devil s throat
Devil's Throat

This is the largest room in Bulgarian caves after the entry hall of Devetashka cave - it can fit "St. Alexander Nevski" . The cave is entered through an artificial gallery is 150 meters long , during which reaches the base of the watercourse . From 301 feet up along the underground waterfall in the old entrance to the surface. Around 400 meters from the entrance of " Devil's Throat" waters of the underground river is lost in the siphon gallery . The length of the siphon is more than 150 meters , and after a 60 - meter gallery underground river leaves the cave and go back to the surface in a cave.

The first attempt to enter the cave was made in 1962 by nikolas and Helena KorchevPadareva . The two climbers reached the Great Hall of the gap , and then attempt to continue down the path of the river. Shortage of equipment and the lack of experience thwarting further penetration into the abyss . [1] is the Devil's Throat cave, which is formed by a landslide . The main part is occupied by a large hall , which is the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula. The cave has received from the river falling below the ground from a height of 42 meters , forming a huge hall called " Roaring hall ." Its length is 110 meters , width - 40 m , and the height reaches 35 meters.

trigrad gorge

The Trigrad Gorge is a 7-kilometer defile north of the village Trigrad, beneath towering marble cliffs cut over millions of years by thIn places the cliffs are some 300 meters apart, but in a considerable portion of the gorge, for some 2-3 km, they are only separated by about 100 meters. On the western side of the gorge the cliffs rise roughly 180 meters, while on the east they are 300-350 meters high.These gargantuan dimensions place the gorge third among all such geological formations in Bulgaria. The road to Trigrad winds along the river that in places pours from the rocks.eTrigrad River.


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