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Tanzania. Africa. This is a picture of the continent named Africa. A continent is a large area of land. There are 7 continents in the world. Tanzania.

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This is a picture of the continent named Africa. A continent is a large area of land. There are 7 continents in the world.


This is a picture of Tanzania. Tanzania is a country that is located on the African continent. When I went to Tanzania I stayed in a tiny village named Tengeru near the city of Arusha.


Tanzania has a tropical climate. A tropical climate is when the weather is warm and rainy. Since there is a lot of rain, Tanzania is very lush and green.


Here is a picture of 4 young Masai men

The Masai people live in Tanzania and Kenya


The Masai people take care of large herds of cattle, or cows, for a living.

The Masai people have to move often so that their cattle can eat fresh grass.

masai homes
Masai Homes

The Masai make their homes out of mud, sticks, grass, and cow dung.

They make these homes because they have to move so often. It would not make sense to build a house like you have and then leave after one month!


The Masai people wear cloaks, called shukas

The women wear a lot of beaded jewelry

The women often shave their heads and wear wide necklaces

masai people today
Masai People Today

The Masai people have lived for thousands of years amongst the wildlife in Tanzania and Kenya

Today there are very few Masai people left because the places where they used to live are being turned into big cities

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