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Oceans. Oceans cover two thirds of the surface of the Earth . There are five oceans on the Earth . They are  - the Atlantic  Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The ocean is ​​up of salt water . The edges of the oceans are called  seas. ~ Transport.

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Oceans cover two thirds ofthesurface of the Earth. There are fiveoceans on theEarth. They are - theAtlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

The ocean is ​​up of salt water.The edges of the oceans are called seas.


We can sail on rivers, artificial and natural lakes, seas, oceans and man-made navigation channels and canals. Shipping is used for carrying people.

life in the oceans
~Life in theoceans


There are various algae. They ofteninhabit rocky bedrocks. Marine algaeproduceoxygen. Plantsdon't grow deep in the oceans.



Typicalanimals in warm and cleanseaareas are corals. When they die, coral reefsarise. The most knownanimals are: sharks, dolphins, medusas and octopus.

water pollution

Water pollution is a big global problem.Impactsofthepollutionare different. Peoplereleaserubbish to oceans. Pollutioncango worse by oilaccidents. Every year one hundred thousand marine animals and two million birds die.