Water conflict
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Water conflict:. World water hotspots. Ogallala aquifer ( wikipedia ). Can you find answers to these? What is an aquifer? (simple English or a picture) How large is the Ogallala aquifer (in terms of amount of water it stores)? How much has the aquifer store been reduced by?

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Water conflict

Water conflict:

World water hotspots

Ogallala aquifer wikipedia
Ogallala aquifer (wikipedia)

Can you find answers to these?

  • What is an aquifer? (simple English or a picture)

  • How large is the Ogallala aquifer (in terms of amount of water it stores)?

  • How much has the aquifer store been reduced by?

  • What has caused it to decrease?

  • Was a nuclear power plant allowed to be built near the aquifer? Why or why not?

  • Was an oil pipeline? Why or why not?

  • What can be done to conserve the water in this area more successfully?

  • What is the Ogallala aquifer named today?

Mexico city
Mexico City


Read the Time article.

Summarise the main issues facing Mexico City town planners. Approximately 200 words

Lake chad
Lake Chad



Why are the fishermen around Lake Chad packing up their nets?

One paragraph

The river nile
The River Nile

  • Find a map showing the countries the River Nile flows through.

  • Mark on the source of the Nile.

  • Mark on its mouth.

  • Label the Nile delta. Write one sentence to say what a delta is.

  • What direction does the River Nile flow? S to N or N to S?

  • What are the countries upstream that want to extract water from The Nile?

  • Find the total annual rainfall for Egypt. Find the average July temperature.

  • How does Egypt’s climate help to explain why the Nile is so important to Egypt?

  • What other freshwater sources does Egypt have?




Annotate a map of China with rivers marked on (add sentences around the outside) to show that the north suffers drought whilst the south suffers floods.

Label the Yangtze River. Mark on where the Three Gorges dam has been built. The dam was a multi-purpose scheme. What were its main purposes?

What are the 3 main uses of water in the north?

How do planners in China aim to solve the problem of water scarcity in the north?

River g anges
River Ganges

On the next slide:

Create a collage photos to show:

  • The source of the Ganges

  • The mouth of the Ganges

  • A simple map showing where it flows

  • Three pictures showing three main sources of pollution

  • Label each photo so you know what it is

  • A sentence saying what the G. A. P. is and what type of pollution it is aimed at

  • A sentence saying how this type of pollution is being reduced

Spain water shortage
Spain: water shortage

Desalinationis a process that…

A desalination plant look like this:

Three reasons Spain needs desalination plants are:

Two other countries that needs desalination plants are:

Southern australia
Southern Australia

Add these labels to the correct part of the diagram using arrows and text boxes:

Water conflict

  • Create a hyperlink to a webpage that tells you about the Marsh Arabs and how their lifestyle has been under threat.

  • Add a photo to this page to show how they live

Challenge if time israel
Challenge:if time - Israel


Use this and other websites to see if you can work out what is happening in this area of the world. How much water do people in these two countries get each? Who gets the water from the River Jordan? Why is there conflict over water in Israel and Palestine?

Be aware that the website given may be biased.