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Phrases Unit

Phrases Unit

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Phrases Unit

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  1. Phrases Unit

  2. Phrase Definition – a group of words that function in a sentence as a simple part of speech. PHRASES DO NOT CONTAIN A SUBJECT AND VERB!!
  3. Phrases Foldable Supplies needed 3 sheets of construction paper Markers/ pen/ pencil/ colored pencil Now follow the directions given!! 
  4. Adjective Phrases Definition – a prepositional phrase that modifies a noun or pronoun by telling what kind or which one Examples The climate of New Mexico is warm. The acrobat with the blue eyes slipped and fell.
  5. Adj. Phr. Practice p. 433, ex. 3 Scientists believe that the first humans in this area were the Sandia people. Caves in the central mountains were their homes. Bones and fossils of these people are 25,000 years old. Ruins around this area can still be seen today. Now, the Native Americans from the area are the Pueblo, the Navajo, and the Apache Indians.
  6. Adverb Phrases Definition – a prepositional phrase that modifies a verb, an adjective, or an adverb by answering where, when, in what way, or to what extent. Examples The bus left after a two-hour delay. Put the package in the closet.
  7. Adv. Phr. Practice p. 434, ex. 5 Cabeza de Vaca escaped from a shipwreck in 1528. He and his men then walked through the Mexican desert. They journeyed for eight years. During their journey, they covered about 10,000 miles. Eventually, they traveled to an area that would later be known to the Spaniards as New Mexico.
  8. Which phrase is it? Our visit to New Mexico was great. Watching the sun rise over the desert is one of the greatest memories I have from any vacation. Taos, a small town in the mountains, was my favorite place to visit. The skiing there is fantastic, and the town is filled with great restaurants and interesting shops.
  9. Which phrase is it? Colorado lies to the north of New Mexico. The southern border of this beautiful state of New Mexico. By the sixteenth century, Spanish explorers had arrived in Mexico. They heard grand tales about rich treasures in the land to the north of Mexico.
  10. Gerund Phrase Definition – a form of a verb which ends in –ing and functions as a noun. Examples Remodeling the building’s style was a good idea. Michael enjoys painting. His favorite sport is fishing. Lucille never gets tired of singing.
  11. Ger. Phr. Practice p. 441, ex. 13 Tourists in New Mexico may enjoy horseback riding at a dude ranch. Hiking and camping are year-round activities in New Mexico. Visitors may also find excitement in visiting the ancient ruins of the Native Americans who have lived here for thousands of years. Native American dancing and festivals draw many visitors to New Mexico. Above all, touring New Mexico is a pleasant vacation.
  12. Participial Phrase Definition – a form of a verb (present or past participle) that acts as an adjective Example A growing baby sleeps much of the day. Many people in New Mexico live in farming communities. The conquered territory was under Spanish control. Troubled, she asked for advice.
  13. Par. Phr. Practice p. 437, ex. 9 New Mexico’s tiring distances made it difficult to commute. Until 1847, there was only one completed schoolhouse. Only a selected few were given education at this time. The sons of the educated wealthy were sent east to school. In 1847, a Catholic bishop, John B. Lamy, started a free school where his students were taught English.
  14. Appositive Phrase Definition – a noun or pronoun placed after another noun or pronoun to identify, rename, or explain the preceding word. Examples The poet Robert Frost is much admired. This antique car, a Studebaker, is worth thousands of dollars.
  15. App. Phr. Practice p. 436, ex. 7 The capital, Sante Fe, was the place from which the Spaniards ran their territorial government. El Palacio, the Palace of the Governors, was the building where government business was carried out. Pope, a Native American leader, led a revolt against the Spanish in 1680. This revolt drove their enemies, the Spanish, out of the area. Twelve years later, the Spanish general Diego de Vargas returned to conquer the area for the Spaniards again.
  16. Extra App. Practice p. 436, ex 8
  17. Infinitive Phrase Definition – the form of a verb that comes after the word to (ex. To run, to think, to love, etc.) and acts as a noun, adjective or adverb Examples (as nouns) To whistle is difficult for some people. As soon as she gets home, she hopes to write. His dream has always been to travel. The Spaniards had no choice except to leave. Her decision, to listen, was a wise one.
  18. Infinitive Phrase Examples (as adjectives) In New Mexico, the first radio station to succeed was KOB in Albuquerque. The person to contact is the dean. Examples (as adverbs) This is easy to do. Ready to please, the guides at Carlsbad Caverns work hard to provide enjoyable tours.
  19. Inf. Phr. Practice p. 444, ex. 16 Tall homes, some five stories high, were built to accommodate the ancient Taos population. When the Europeans arrived, they thought the houses were fascinating to look at. To use these same houses today is not uncommon. The Navajo tribe had homes to sleep in called hogans. Navajo hogans, in constrast to the homes of the Taos, were built to have only one room.
  20. Mission Infinitive Pope’s revolt included plans to launch a surprise attack on the Spaniards. He thought the weakly guarded settlement would be easy to conquer. Pope wanted to return the Native Americans to their former way of life. He wanted to completely expel the Spaniards from the region. Even though many supported Pope, this idea was not to be popular among all of the Pueblo people.
  21. Mission Infinitive pt. 2 New Mexico has petroleum, potash, copper, and natural gas – to name a few. During the spring of 1950, a man bent down to pick up a yellow rock. This rock turned out to be high grade uranium ore. New Mexico now claims to have 72 percent of the country’s uranium reserves. Uranium is a radioactive element that is used to create nuclear energy.