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Performance Based Navigation

Performance Based Navigation. Aviation Industry Forum 18 November 2009. Introduction to PBN Changes to Air Navigation Planned Implementation . Airspace Management. Flow Management. Traffic Management. Trajectory Management. Environment. RCP. RSP. PBN. Weather. World. RNP AR

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Performance Based Navigation

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  1. Performance Based Navigation Aviation Industry Forum 18 November 2009

  2. Introduction to PBN • Changes to Air Navigation • Planned Implementation PBN Industry Forum

  3. Airspace Management Flow Management Traffic Management Trajectory Management Environment RCP RSP PBN Weather World RNP AR RNAV Enroute SID STAR APV GNSS Air Traffic Enabling Applications Functions App Seq Opt FMS RTA upgrades Datalinked wind MTCD Prioritisation Operations CAM Air Traffic Enabling Collaboration System Status AIS FE ADS B MLAT P & SSR TCAS ASDE NZMet SATMet PIREP TAWS EFB HUD ACARS VDL 2 VDL 3 Mode S etc PBN Industry Forum

  4. PBN Changes Air Navigation • More Precise Navigation (RNAV / RNP) • More Predictability of Flight Paths • More Efficiency for each flight • More Efficiency for Air Transport System PBN Industry Forum

  5. AUTHORIZED RBT CURRENTPOSITION EXECUTED RBT Reference Business Trajectory (RBT) Continuous Descent Approach RBT authorised by the ANSP, executed by the flight crew unless there is intervention for the purpose of separation provision or other safety related needs. AGREED RBT CTA Page : 17 [MJ1] Takes account of comments 56, 60. Page : 17 [MJ2] Takes account of comments 64 “The unique 4D description of the trajectory” PBN Industry Forum 18 November 2009

  6. RNAV Arrivals – Auckland 18 November 2009 PBN Industry Forum

  7. Planned Implementation • Harmonised with ICAO Global & Regional Plans • Phased Introduction for NZ Aviation Industry • Civil Aviation AC & Rule Changes Needed • GNSS is Key Enabler PBN Industry Forum

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