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BPM Institute Wiki: Business Transformation Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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BPM Institute Wiki: Business Transformation Tutorial

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BPM Institute Wiki: Business Transformation Tutorial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BPM Institute Wiki: Business Transformation Tutorial. Brand Niemann July 16, 2008 http://bpminstitute.wik.is. Pilot Project.

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bpm institute wiki business transformation tutorial

BPM Institute Wiki: Business Transformation Tutorial

Brand Niemann

July 16, 2008


pilot project
Pilot Project
  • Background: The June 26th Training Session "Data Architecture for Business Architects" by Ken Orr inspired use of a Web 2.0 Wiki to honor Ken Orr and the 20th Anniversary of The Ken Orr Institute. The BPM Institute expressed interest in seeing their Web site content in a Web 2.0 Wiki.
  • Purpose: This Web 2.0 Wiki is a pilot for the BPM Institute to see what their content looks like when repurposed into this Wiki.
  • This web-services platform pilot with a Wiki interface (see slides 3-4) is to help the BPM Institute community of practice transform their Web content business processes.


mindtouch deki wiki features
MindTouch Deki Wiki Features

Content Creation:

An editing experience similar to what you would expect from modern word processor applications.

Content Management:

Hierarchical page organization: Organize content in an intuitive hierarchical manner


Advanced search: User can view all results or only specific subsets of the result set


Users can attach any file or image to any page.

Versioning and Reversion:

Page versioning: Every page retains a complete history of changes.


mindtouch deki wiki features1
MindTouch Deki Wiki Features

Access Control:

Restrict page editing, Restrict page viewing, Restrict hierarchies

Alerts and Notifications:

Watch list Feeds: Every user can create a list of pages to watch.

Application Administration:

Site administration: Quickly and easily manage multiple users and users' status


Adherence to standards: All content is stored in XML.


tutorial overview
Tutorial Overview
  • 1: Decide on Name
  • 2: Register Name
  • 3: Login
  • 4: Set Preferences
  • 5: Control Panel
  • 6: Design Home Page
  • 7: Create Subtopics
  • 8: Repurpose Web Content Into Wiki
  • 9: Attach Files
  • 10: Insert Images and Links
  • 11: Create Web Log (Blog)
  • 12: Set Security
  • 13: Monitor Users
  • 14: Revise/Reorganize
1 decide on name
1: Decide on Name


2 register name
2: Register Name


3 login
3: Login


3 login1
3: Login


4 set preferences
4: Set Preferences


4 set preferences1
4: Set Preferences

Private Email

4 set preferences2
4: Set Preferences


5 control panel
5: Control Panel


5 control panel1
5: Control Panel


5 control panel2
5: Control Panel


6 design home page
6: Design Home Page


6 design home page1
6: Design Home Page


7 create subtopics
7: Create Subtopics


8 repurpose web content into wiki
8: Repurpose Web Content Into Wiki


9 attach files
9: Attach Files


9 attach files1
9: Attach Files


10 insert images and links
10: Insert Images and Links


10 insert images and links1
10: Insert Images and Links


11 create web log blog
11: Create Web Log (Blog)


12 set security
12: Set Security


12 set security1
12: Set Security
  • Public: everybody can view and edit.
  • Semi-Public: everybody can view, but only selected users can edit.
  • Private: only selected users can view and edit this page.
  • Note: Deki Wiki has one of the most advanced permission systems available. Deki Wiki administrators can make wikis public or private, anonymous or not. There is user groups support. Users can permission entire hierarchies to create private or non-editable workspaces or permission single pages.
13 monitor users
13: Monitor Users


14 revise reorganize
14: Revise/Reorganize
  • To soon for this new Wiki, but for another Web 2.0 Wiki Project I did the following quickly:
    • Moved content from Wiki to another Wiki.
    • Implemented a set of topics and subtopics.
    • Created a new user interface.
    • Updated the Tutorial slides and uploaded them.

Note: This shows how agile and flexible the Web 2.0 Wiki environment is to respond to requests that would be more difficult (or impossible) and time consuming with Web 1.0 collaboration technology.