rape of nanking by nigel and tom n.
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Rape of Nanking by Nigel and Tom

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Rape of Nanking by Nigel and Tom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rape of Nanking by Nigel and Tom. Beginning. The “Rape of Nanking (or Nanjing) started in December 13 th , 1937.

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The “Rape of Nanking (or Nanjing) started in December 13th, 1937.

Nanking, the former Capital of china was occupied by the Japanese imperial army and for a six week period the Japanese soldiers Killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians and un-armed soldiers. Plus raped Between 20,000-80,000 women.


During the six week period was mass murder, the Japanese used the civilians as practice for their bayonet training. Public executions happened every day commonly along with non-public executions.

Most women who were raped were killed afterwards. Those women who lived after being raped tried to take their own life.

All prisoners of war were executed (if they were lucky) or tortured to death.

Infants were killed and piled in stacks.

  • One third of the city was destroyed by arson and valuables were taken.
  • The Japanese grabbed anything of value they could and either took it or destroyed it.
factors leading to the brutality
Factors leading to the Brutality.
  • Economic conditions
  • Characterization of Chinese people as morally and genetically deficient.
  • The harshness of Japanese military training.


  • According to the Novel “The PACIFIC WAR companion, from Pearl Harbour to Hiroshima” by Daniel Marston that “The infamous Nanjing Massacre was, in good part, sparked by Japanese fear of “plainclothesmen”: Chinese soldiers who shed their uniform to act as snipers or saboteurs.”
deadly relations
Deadly relations.
  • The Japanese and Chinese have embarked on many wars in the past upon each other, after the Sino-Japan war in 1895 China was seen as a monster greater than Japan, this slowly brewed hate in the Japanese populus against the Chinese.
no surrender
No Surrender
  • The Japanese people are strongly in tune with their old traditions. And one of these traditions is that to surrender is to give up your right to be human. If you surrender in Japanese tradition you are less than a man and should not be treated as one… honour is not part of a conceded being.
japanese front line
Japanese Front Line
  • The Japanese front line was made up of poor farmers, factory workers and criminals and lacked a certain amount of pity and empathy for the Chinese due to their harsh upbringing, training and the widely held view in Japan that the Chinese were inferior.
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