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rape of persephone n.
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Rape of Persephone PowerPoint Presentation
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Rape of Persephone

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Rape of Persephone
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Rape of Persephone

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  1. IMPORTANT TERMS Persephone/ProserpinaHades/AidoneiusCerberus Demeter/Ceres John William Waterhouse Dante Gabriel Rossetti Nicolo dell’Abate Charles de la Fosse Gianlorenzo Bernini Peter Paul Rubens Thomas Hart Benton Frederic Leighton Rape of Persephone Locri, votive relief, ca 480 BC

  2. Demeter and Persephone IMPORTANT TERMS Hermes PsychopomposHomerIambeinsights gained from myth IronyMetaneira Monistmystery religionsooral composition PersephonerepetitionRheaRiver Styxuse of epithets Zeus/Kronides Aidoneus/HadesDemeterDemophoon DocetismdualismEleusisEleusinian MysteriesGaia gnosticismHekateHelios Demeter and Kore, “Exaltation Of the Flower”. Greek relief from Pharsale, 470-460 B.C.

  3. Rape of Persephone Locri, votive relief, ca 480 BC

  4. John William WaterhouseGather ye Rosebuds while ye maypainting date: 1909

  5. Dante Gabriel RossettiThe Blessed Damozel1875-78Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University

  6. From Royal Tomb I in Vergina Greece

  7. Nicolo dell’Abate (16th cent.)

  8. Charles de la Fosse (17th cent.)

  9. Extra Credit to the first person who identifies the artist of this painting.

  10. Luca Giordano (1634-1705)

  11. Rembrandt 1632

  12. Gian Lorenzo Bernini1598-1680Boughese Gallery, Rome


  14. Peter Paul Rubens[Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1577-1640]

  15. ThomasHartBenton [American Regionalist Painter, 1889-1975]

  16. James Childs

  17. The Return of PersephoneFrederic Leighton1890-91 MORE IMAGES: http://web.uvic.ca/grs/bowman/myth/gods/hades_i.html

  18. Homeric Hymn to Demeter • The Rape of Persephone (1-39) • II. The Search for Persephone (40-94) • III. Demeter at Eleusis (95-302) • IV. Famine and the Return of Persephone (303-470) Oral composition Use of epithets repetition

  19. Eleusis

  20. The Cave of Hades at Eleusis

  21. Greater Mysteries at Eleusis nine day festival every Sept.-Oct.procession of sacred objects from Eleusis to Athens convocation of initiates in Athenian agora ritual purification in the sea sacrifice of a pig procession back to Eleusis ritual of the Telesterion

  22. Political Significance of the Cult:Athens and Eleusis

  23. Views of Reality in Myth of Demeter Homer: body and soul are one (Monist) Myth of Demeter: body and soul are separate (Dualist) Gnosticism: System of belief based upon secret teaching revealed only to initiates. Docetism: a form of gnosticism which teaches that our present life is only a shadow of the real, divine life.

  24. Greek Marriage Customs in Myth of Demeter Older man and younger woman Women lived in house, men in public world Bride betrothed by father Hades and Persephone as loving couple

  25. Gender Gap Importance of the mother/daughter bond Mother’s struggle to keep her child Male violence against women Limitations of the power of the woman in Greek society Matriarchy vs. patriarchy (Bachofen’s Mother Right 1861)

  26. Insights into the Myth of Demeter Aetiological Historical Mystical or Metaphysical Cosmological Sociological Psychological Anthropological Oral composition Use of epithets repetition