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Rain forest D estruction. By: Nigel/5c. RAIN FOREST DESTRUCTION. Rainforest destruction now become important environmental issues, to solve the problem. Until today every year, brazil chop down an area of forest the size of the state of Nebraska.

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rain forest destruction
  • Rainforest destruction now become important environmental issues, to solve the problem. Until today every year, brazil chop down an area of forest the size of the state of Nebraska.
  • In addition to the Amazon’s rainforest, many other forests are being cut down as well. In Indonesia, Zaire, Papua-New Guinea, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Venezuela, rainforest that were once great have been lost
  • According to some estimates, 50 millions acres of rainforest are cut down every year. The United Nation says the figure is closer to 17 millions acres. The World Wild Life Fund says that every minute, 25 to 50 acres are cut down or burn to the ground



  • The world’s growing population has been a primary cause of rainforest destruction. More people need land to live on and woods product to consume. “Limiting population growth” maybe the first in series of steps that would limit the destruction of the rainforests.
effect impacts

*Rainforests destruction contributing to droughts inparts of the Amazon and Southeast Asia.

Drought causes die-offs of trees and dries out leaf,

litter, increasing the risk of forest fire, which are often

set by land developers, ranchers, plantation owner,

and loggers.


When all the trees gone it can cause flood because

when there is heavy rain nothing can absorbed the rain

rain water.


When people chop down the rainforest, that is nothing that

the rain water. The land became soft and weak that’s why landslide


effect impacts1

Increasing in carbon dioxide

trees need co2 to cook their on food. When there is no trees that’s why co2 is increasing to the earth


*losing habitat for animals

Those animals that live in rainforest will lost their home if they chop down the trees.

solve problems
  • * Reducing emission from deforestation and the forest degradation. It is a set of steps design to use market and financial incentives in order to reduce the emissions of green house gases from deforestation and forest degradation. It is objective is to reduce green house gases.
  • * Farming. People create new method for farming such as:

- High-yield hybrid crops

- Green house

- Autonomous building gardens

- Hydroponics

These methods are often dependent on chemical input to maintain necessary yields.

These system have low dependence on fossil fuels and argochemicals.

* Monitoring deforestation. Deforestation is typically assessed by quantifying the amount of area deforested, measured at the present time.

* Forest management. In the areas where” slash and burned” is practiced, switching to “ slash and

char”. Wood prevent deforestation.

* Reforestation is the natural or international restocking of existing forest and woodlands that have

been depleted, usually through out deforestation.

resources from
  • http//,rain_forest_destruction.html
book mark picture

Protect trees

Don’t cut too many trees!

Don’t chop down the trees!

don t cut too many trees
Don’t cut too many trees!
  • Because it will be useless. Because a lot of people didn’t use it for something they keep wasting the paper by throwing it and it is destroying the animal home to leave on. And don’t build too many house if you build a lot of house and others. The trees will be gone and it will happen global warming and other natural disasters.
build too many buildings
  • If we build too many house is causing the earth more painful