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Witness Systems and Avaya PowerPoint Presentation
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Witness Systems and Avaya

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Witness Systems and Avaya - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Witness Systems and Avaya . The Witness Systems and Avaya Relationship. Avaya/Witness Relationship. OEM Relationship Jointly engineered solutions With Avaya Communication Manager Impact 360 ™ QM, Compliance, and WFO Packages

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Witness Systems and Avaya

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Presentation Transcript

The Witness Systems

and Avaya Relationship

avaya witness relationship
Avaya/Witness Relationship
  • OEM Relationship
    • Jointly engineered solutions
      • With Avaya Communication Manager
        • Impact 360™ QM, Compliance, and WFO Packages
        • Call Recording: Witness ContactStore for Communication Manager
        • Quality Monitoring: Witness Quality for Communication Manager
      • With IP Office
        • IP Office ContactStore
    • Impact 360™ Workforce Management Package
    • Avaya Service Provider/Managed Services Division
      • Witness ContactStore and Quality for Communication Manager
avaya witness relationship con t
Avaya/Witness Relationship, con’t
  • Alliance Relationship
    • Witness Systems call recording and quality monitoring applications work with:
      • Avaya G3 Definity, S8700, S8500, S8300
      • Avaya PDS, IC, CT
    • Witness workforce management applications work with:
      • Avaya Advocate Routing, IC, Operational Analyst, CMS

Impact 360™

Workforce Optimization Packages from Witness Systems

powered by Avaya


How the Analysts Define Workforce Optimization








  • Source: Datamonitor
  • March 2005
benefits of an integrated workforce optimization solution
Benefits of an Integrated Workforce Optimization Solution

“The emergence of a WFO suite will provide numerous benefits:

  • Hardware costs are reduced because multiple software elements can reside within a single server
  • Software and maintenance costs are reduced due to economies of scale
  • Integration costs are dramatically reduced because the components are designed to work together seamlessly
  • Administrative costs are reduced because there is less need for resources to run numerous disparate systems
  • Upgrades are simplified because a single vendor and architecture eliminates ongoing integration concerns
  • Ease of use is enhanced due to a single interface
  • There is streamlined reporting and analysis across applications” Source: Gartner

February 2005

“The new Witness Systems Workforce Optimization framework enables us to more easily integrate our industry-leading communications solutions with the expanded Impact 360 suite of Witness Systems’ business applications.”

Lawrence Byrd, Director

Communications Application, Avaya

ip office contactstore
IP Office ContactStore
  • Developed by Witness Systems and Avaya to support Avaya IP Office VoiceMail Pro call recording
  • Proven technology - based on Witness System’s call recording application with thousands of installations worldwide
ip office contactstore1
IP Office ContactStore
  • Call Recording Search
  • Search Filters
  • Browser-based
  • Security
  • Call Replay
  • Radio buttons
  • Energy Envelope
  • Contact Export
  • Share interactions
  • eMail
  • Industry standard .wav
  • format
ip office contactstore payback areas
IP Office ContactStore – Payback Areas

Gain additional value from telephone interactions

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce risk
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Better understand customers
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction

Witness ContactStore and Quality

for Communication Manager

reasons why prospects choose witness contactstore and quality for communication manager
Reasons Why Prospects Choose Witness ContactStore and Quality for Communication Manager
  • Experienced call recording/QM solution with Communication Manager
    • Available for over 2 years
    • 225+ customers
  • One throat to choke – Avaya sells, services, supports
  • Superior TCO
    • Ease of installation, administration, maintenance
    • CTI not required
  • Easily scalable – add licenses not hardware
  • Enhanced security with recording supported in environments where IP link between CM and the end user device is encrypted
witness contactstore for communication manager
Witness ContactStore for Communication Manager
  • Software call recording solution running on open platform Intel servers.
    • No proprietary hardware, no proprietary cabling or hard wiring from recorder to ACD.
  • Developed by Avaya and Witness Systems to support Avaya’s converged networks strategy – leverages Avaya Communication Manager API (CMAPI)
  • Simultaneous support for TDM, IP or mixed environments
  • Requires only a LAN connection to the network, connected through the Communications Manager API (CMAPI) layer.
witness contactstore
Witness ContactStore
  • Certified on S8700, S8500, S8300, G3si, and G3csi platforms running CM 2.0+
  • NO requirement for CTI… CTI is no longer a point of failure.
  • CMAPI automatically tags recordings and identifies by Date, Time, Duration, Extension, Dialed Number, DNIS, CLI, AgentID (Agent Name), Universal Call ID, VDN Number (Skill Group Name)…all out of the box.
  • Archive Options
    • Native support for internal DVD+RW
    • Archive Manager for SAN/NAS
witness quality overview
Witness Quality Overview
  • Record and evaluate calls and use of internal systems (with screen capture)
  • Software - based IP and traditional endpoint
  • Utilizes CTI
  • Leverages Communication Manager API (CMAPI)
  • Works with Avaya CT & Avaya Interaction Center
  • Quality Connect - application integration triggers recording based on events
  • Proven technology - based on Witness System’s quality monitoring application with 1,000+ installations
  • Works with S8700, S8500, S8300, G3csi, G3si platforms running CM 2.0+