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Ancient Egyptian Music

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Ancient Egyptian Music - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Egyptian Music. By: Simran. Music played a very important part in ancient Egyptian life. From all periods there are pictures in tombs and temples showing musicians playing.

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Music played a very important part in ancient Egyptian life. From all periods there are pictures in tombs and temples showing musicians playing.

Music was present in Egyptian life in so many ways, like farmers who were working in the field would have sung folk songs and love songs.

Men musicians even used their teeth as instruments! They would make tapping noises and also use special plucks to make interesting noises.

egyptian instruments
Egyptian Instruments

There was no written music, notes were not documented and music was learnt by ear and memorised. Music was seen as an art form and the children of wealthy Egyptians were taught to play musical instruments for their own pleasure.

here are some instruments
Here are some instruments

Sistrum-A special instrument in Egypt used in dances and religious ceremonies


The Oud:

The Kithara:


Lyre: An ancient plucked string instrument in the shape of a box, similar to a harp but smaller

The Oud- A pear shaped stringed instrument .

The Kithara-A seven stringed Lyre played by professional musicians.

what roles did music play in egypt
What roles did music play in Egypt.

Music found its way into many places like temples, workshops, farms, battlefields and tombs.

Music was an essential part of religious worship in ancient Egypt. Music would be used to honour gods, mourn the death and to celebrate special occasions plus events. Also Thorth one of the Egyptian gods was the inventor of music.


One of their favorite and most popular singer was Umm Kulthum. She was one of the most popular classical singers in Egypt and throughout the Arab world.

  • Her songs about love, Egypt and Islam were sometimes even more than an hour long. People would never get tired of hearing her voice and her songs.
  • They would always tell her to sing the same song over and over again.

Her concerts were 5 hours long!

  • Also there is a museum in Cairo dedicated in her memory. In the museum there is information about her and all she has done in her life time. Her songs ,what they mean and how much people loved to hear her sing.



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