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Ancient Egyptian art

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Ancient Egyptian art - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Egyptian art. by: elya. About ancient Egyptian art.

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about ancient egyptian art
About ancient Egyptian art

Ancient Egyptians thought about art differently they don’t make paintings or statues to collect or hang up on walls in museum they loved to be surrounded in beauty of the life and death. They made art for their gods, kings, queens and the dead in there tombs. Some of there most beautiful art work are found in tombs that be strange because then it will be seldom for people to see. A common type of ancient Egyptian art is drawing people in rows the artist usually uses line and grids to help them line up if you look closely you will see the knees, shoulders, and heads usually line up.


ancient Egyptian craftsmen had many privileges even though they were a step below the artist. They were were responsible of creating and decorating temples and tombs. They were great at making lots of things like statues, carvings and jewelry . They made many mask of tut that showed respect Pharaohs

  • ancient Egyptians used many things to make art .They use mainly gold to make jewelry and sometimes silver they also use copper to make statues and vase. A common material is papyrus it used to make thick type of paper they also use it for making mats, rope, sandals, and baskets . for paint they use many things like for white they use powdered limestone, red they us ochre, blue they use copper and green they use Malachite

development of ancient Egyptian art

  • early dynastic period: In this period they made many painted pottery and figurine, ivory carvings and slate cosmetic palettes
  • old kingdom: the first true pyramid was built
  • new kingdom: They made the painting of Queen Nefertiti
  • late kingdom: They made minor art like vases, faience, glass and metal work.
paintings drawings

Ancient Egyptian paintings that appeared in ancient Egyptian tombs were important and had to be done perfectly because its meant to help dead people in their after life. Ancient Egyptian used grids to make their drawing. When drawing character it had to be a specific size , like when drawing a man it has to be 19 squares from top to bottom. The drawing is first drawn on papyrus and then on the wall. Craftsmen had to be careful because it had to look the same from the papyrus. Ancient Egyptian paintings last for a long time, this is because some of them are in tombs so there is no sunlight and the paintings don’t get bleached . some times they do paintings on papyrus.

statues sculpture

Ancient Egyptian sculpture evolved to represent there gods and pharaoh . Huge statues were built to represent the gods and kings and queens , these statues were to give them eternal life and to see them in a 3d form. craftsmen had to follow strict convection of design to make sculptures , they were not allowed not make their own design . some of the law of making sculptures are Statues of men had to be darker than women another law is that when sculpting something when its sitting hands must be placed on knees . one of the greatest sculpture of ancient Egypt is the sphinx it was carved by one piece of stone . It has the head of a human ,the body of a lion and the wings of a bird.


sculpture of Queen Nefertiti she is the wife of pharaoh akhenaten

Painting of Thoth Thoth is the god of heart

Mask of king Tutankhaten he was an Egyptian pharaoh

This is a wall painting of Pharaoh Amenhotep

Sphinx is a huge Egyptian sculpture