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Children’s Referendum PowerPoint Presentation
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Children’s Referendum

Children’s Referendum

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Children’s Referendum

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  1. Children’s Referendum Shauna Cassidy X00099222 5/11/12

  2. What’s it all about? • The referendum is asking people to vote either yes or no on whether to put a new Article into the Constitution that deals directly with children. • The purpose of the new article is to place a focus on: • Protecting children • Supporting families • Removing inequalities in adoption • Recognising children in their own right • Our Constitution is the foundation for all the State’s laws and policies, but it does not provide a separate statement of rights for children.

  3. Why do we need a Referendum? • You would think that you wouldn’t have to have a referendum about children’s rights, that it would in place already but no. • We need a referendum because our Constitution cannot be changed without the approval of the Irish people. • The purpose of the referendum is to acknowledge the position of children in the Constitution.

  4. Proposal • Protecting Children • The Referendum sets out when intervention should occur and how it should occur with the focus on the child and only the child. • Supporting Families • Here, they are offering support services to families to prevent serious problems arising. Their objective is to protect children in their home. • Removing inequalities in adoption • If the referendum is passed it says irrespective of a child’s parents marital status, a child can be adopted. • Also, the already existing Article, Article41, that describes the rights and duties of the family will not be changed. • Recognising children in their own right • If passed, the Referendum will make provisions to make sure the best interests of the child are considered and the views and wishes of the child shall be taken into account.

  5. Decisions? • As in all Referendums we have the right to either vote Yes or No. • I would imagine that the majority of the people in Ireland will vote yes. • There are many organisations who deal with children and their families opting to go along with this referendum. Some of them are: • Childline • ISPCC • Barnardos • Rape Crisis Centre • Educate together • The Mothers’ Union • While there are many “Yes” voters out there, there are also people who will opt to say “No”. • These people believe that this referendum should not pass as children already have a voice to protect them in the Constitution.

  6. !!!VOTING!!! • If you would like to vote, the voting date is 10th November 2012

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