Textbook assignment 2
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Textbook aSsignment 2. LSSL 5360 Literature for Children Patricia Wren. We are the ship. Written and Illustrated by Kadir Nelson Nelson, K. (2008).  We are the ship: The story of Negro League baseball . New York: Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children. Style

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Textbook assignment 2

Textbook aSsignment 2

LSSL 5360

Literature for Children

Patricia Wren

We are the ship
We are the ship

Written and Illustrated by KadirNelson

Nelson, K. (2008). We are the ship: The story of Negro League baseball. New York: Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children.

  • Style

  • This book has a very unique sense of style, beginning with the chapter titles. There are 9 chapters each a different inning in a baseball game. I think this is very clever and will draw interest from the reader. You can certainly see Kadir Nelson’s passion for the subject in his writing and through his beautiful illustrations, which are actually paintings. There are even some pages that open up to an even larger portrait. I know this will be especially interesting to the reader and will draw them in from early on.


Written by Nic Bishop

Bishop, N. (2007). Spiders. New York: Scholastic Nonfiction.

  • Organization

  • The organization of this book is very intriguing.The photographs alone draw the reader in and leave them wanting to read more about the subject. Bishop provides captions to the pictures that gives the reader a better understanding of what the photo is depicting. In the text, the most important facts and information are bolded and in a different color. The facts seem to jump out at the reader as they are browsing the text.

Primates the fearless science of jane goodall dian fossey and birute galdikas
Primates – the fearless science of janegoodall, Dian fossey, and birutegaldikas

Written and Illustrated by Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wicks

Ottaviani, J., & Wicks, M. (2013). Primates: The fearless science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas.

  • Design

  • This book’s design is extremely appealing, attractive, and inviting to the reader. Graphic novels are very popular among children, and I know this one would be just as exciting for them to read. I feel that the illustrations are appropriate in depicting the story and they are clear to read and go along well with the text. The text also is humorous at times, which is also engaging to the reading.

Me jane

Written and Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell

McDonnell, P., Schulz, J., Little, Brown and Company., & Command-Z Design. (2011).Me… Jane. New York: Little, Brown.

  • Style

  • I think that the author/illustrator, Patrick McDonnell, did a great job of adding style to this story. Making it more of a picture book appeals to the younger students and might spark their interest on the topic of Jane Goodall. The writing in the story is also interesting to the reader. You can also tell the author has a particular interest in the subject and I appreciated how he included the real life photograph of Jane at the end of the story.

Balloons over broadway the true story of the puppeteer of macy s parade
Balloons over broadway – the true story of the puppeteer of macy’s parade

Written and Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Sweet, M., Newborn, R., Paquette, C., Houghton Mifflin Books for Children., & Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. (2011). Balloons over Broadway: The true story of the puppeteer of Macy’s Parade. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children.

  • Accuracy

  • The author, Sweet, provides many interesting facts for the reader. These facts are also cited as accurate and true in the “Bibliography and Sources” section in the back of the book. This helps the reader know that the author’s story is based on actual facts and first hand sources that knew Tony.

How they croaked the awful ends of the awfully famous
How they croaked: the awful ends of the awfully famous

Written by Georgia BraggIllustrated by Kevin O’Malley

Bragg, G., O’Malley, K., Walker and Company., & C. & C. Offset Printing Co. Ltd. (2011).How they croaked: The awful ends of the awfully famous. New York: Walker & Co.

  • Accuracy

  • This book provides many accurate facts. Bragg not only provides the facts, but also gives citations and references in the “Further Reading and Surfing” section in the back of the book, which promotes the accuracy of the facts provided in the text. This text also disproves previous known theories with specifics and details.


Written by Nikki GiovanniIllustrated by Bryan Collier

Giovanni, N., & Collier, B. (2005). Rosa. New York: Henry Holt.

  • Design

  • This book is super inviting to the reader. The illustrations are appropriate and complement the text. The larger illustrations help the reader to visualize what really happened that day. The collage look on some of the illustrations gives the book a textured look. The placement of the text and the larger font help the reader really connect the text to the illustrations.

It s so amazing
It’s so amazing

Written by Robie H. HarrisIllustrated by Michael Emberley

Harris, R. H., & Emberley, M. (1999). It’s so amazing!: A book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families. Cambridge, Mass: Candlewick Press.

  • Design

  • This book is written about a subject that is sometimes difficult to discuss with children. The design of the book helps take some of the pressure off of the sometimes sensitive subject. The diagrams and pictures are bright and welcoming and the comic book style of writing assists in making it more interesting and kid friendly.