satisfying all your outdoor needs n.
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“Satisfying all your outdoor Needs” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Satisfying all your outdoor Needs”

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“Satisfying all your outdoor Needs” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dak’s Power Sports. “Satisfying all your outdoor Needs”. By-Dakota Cummings. Business Idea. I have always been into selling things Off-road Vehicles are my passion The competition I have dealt with should be easy to beat I see a good business opportunity . Customers/Advertisement.

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“Satisfying all your outdoor Needs”

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Presentation Transcript
business idea
Business Idea
  • I have always been into selling things
  • Off-road Vehicles are my passion
  • The competition I have dealt with should be easy to beat
  • I see a good business opportunity
customers advertisement
  • I plan to deal to young adults and the older generation from 45-70 years old with some extra change in their pockets.
  • We plan to bring customers in by radio advertisement, promotional activities, and little motivational things. (Such as point programs, discounts, well developed warrantees, package deals, and more)
  • We will do almost anything, as long as we aren’t loosing money to make a deal. We don’t want to sit on anything and have to loose money while selling it as a left over.
  • We will make sure to take care of customers because we always will aim for the long time buyer rather than the one time deal.
  • We will try to not only sell to one person but the whole family so we will try to be as helpful as possible to get the whole family set up with a vehicle because we know how important of a bond that is to get everyone out riding together.
demographics competition
  • My business will be started in Bangor, Maine because it is in the center of the state with the most trails in the whole entire United States and is set right off of the highway.
  • A giant store/mechanic shop not to far from any part of Maine
  • Possible Expansion
  • We plan on running any competition around out, with our vast amount of inventory
  • Since we plan to not just specialize in one or two brands at the store but every single brand of off-road vehicle. We plan on running the competition into the ground since the customer will not have to drive all around to look at all of the new machines from every brand, but instead come to our one stop store with a whole test facility filled with demos for serious buyers.
  • Since we are dealing with such a large inventory I believe we will be able to out bid any dealer in the state on any machine.
  • To start a business this size we have a pretty large size start up cost between tools, a building, employees and inventory.
  • Pricing: I was thinking it would be about 100,000 for employees each year
  • 80,000 for mechanics but a 240,000 dollar profit for what they do each year
  • 485,000 for a building
  • 240,000 for inventory with a 180,000 dollar profit each year
  • 100,000 for the tools