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Mrs. Stein’s. Period 3 Class…. Proudly Presents…. Japanese Haiku Poems. Made by: Alex Pai. Alex Pai 1.21.10 Period 3. Birds fly in pain, Thunderstorms blare through the night, Rain glimmering down. Beautiful Pain. Multiple colors Filling the sky with beauty, Tranquility, peace.

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Presentation Transcript

Mrs. Stein’s...

Period 3 Class…

Proudly Presents…

Japanese Haiku Poems

Made by: Alex Pai


Alex Pai


Period 3

Birds fly in pain,

Thunderstorms blare through the night,

Rain glimmering down.

Beautiful Pain

multiple colors filling the sky with beauty tranquility peace
Multiple colorsFilling the sky with beauty,Tranquility, peace


Alley Kerr

January 21, 2009

Period 3


Ben Baraghimian

Period: 3

January 21, 2010


The Hot Sun Shines Down

Beaches are filled with children

A hot wind blows by

summer warmth by ben too period 3 4

Summer warmthBy Ben Tooperiod 3/4

Sitting in the sun

Bright rays fall across the hills

Perfect afternoon

flashing lightning crashing down to earth destructive but beautiful bold bright and engaging

Flashing LightningCrashing down to EarthDestructive but beautifulBold,bright, and engaging

Brendan Ahdoot


Period 3

falling rose

Brooklyn Miller

January 21,2010

Period 3/4

Falling Rose

Rose pedals falling,

one by one they hit the ground,

what a pretty rose

the storm

The Storm

Period 3



Elijah Henry

Oh, how the wind howls!

Light falls from heaven, what fire!

A storm has arrived.


A Majestic PondEmily Lin Per. 3/41/21/10

Nature’s lily pond

Sparkling as the sun shines

Living with green shades

frozen tears

Frozen Tears

Stormy clouds appear

Frozen Tears from up above

Raining down to Earth

icy snow

Gabe Rashba

Period 3\4

January 21, 2009

Icy Snow

Falling from the sky

Comes the coldness of the snow

Winter time has come

fairy by madelyn hirsch

Fairyby: Madelyn Hirsch

A pretty fairy

her beautiful name is Claire

Flying near and far

summer conclusion by huzefa moiz

Summer Conclusionby:HuzefaMoiz

Fall is coming now

Shutter of leaves behind

Tree shaking with joy

tears from the sky by jack levine period 3 4 1 21 10

Tears from The Sky By Jack Levine Period 3/4 1/21/10

Pelting down on us

Millions of tiny drops

Like tears from my eyes

a white christmas eve

A White Christmas Eve

The dark night grows near

Fluffy flakes fall from the sky

Morning approaches

Jake Rosen


Period 3


Leenor Gold


Per. 3


Rain, rain, go away

You have done your job so bye,

I do not like rain


Lynn Wang


Period 3/4


A hint of gold light,

Cutting through the ink-black sky.

The day starts anew.

a shore by marlene salangsang

A shore by: Marlene Salangsang

A wave a roar crash

Again and a again splash

Salty deep blue sea



Rain falls down to Earth

It falls hard then it falls soft

Harmony restored

Matthew Gladstone Period 3 Stein 1/21/10

the rain falls

Nick Richman

January 21, 2010

Period 3 Language Arts

The Rain Falls

The Rain is falling

Today the rain is beating

Now the rain is gone


Dancing Petals Olivia Zhao 1-21-10 Period 3 Stein

Cherry Blossoms Burst!

Swirling in the clear night sky.

Landing on my palm.

japanese haiku

Rumble, the ground shakes,

Bang! The volcano erupts,

Soon, new nature comes.

Japanese Haiku

The Eruption of Mt. Fuji

By: Russell Tagawa

the second season

The Second Season

Baby birds’ first chirps

Buds wake up to the bright sun

Spring has come at last


Period 3

January 21,2010


James Gebhard


Period 3


Tyler Kristenesen


Period 3


Johnny Khaw


Period 3


Harrison Schelter


Period 3

first snow by tushar jois p3 1 21 10
First Snow by TusharJois P3 1-21-10

The night starts to fall,

People start to scurry inside,

As flakes fall from the sky