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Sample Captain’s Agreement PowerPoint Presentation
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Sample Captain’s Agreement

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Sample Captain’s Agreement
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Sample Captain’s Agreement

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  1. Sample Captain’s Agreement

  2. Sun Devil Intramurals: Slow Pitch Softball League Captain’s Meeting

  3. Slow Pitch Softball LeagueCaptain’s Meeting • Please make sure you check-in at table. • You must fill out and return the Captain’s Agreement Form at the end of the Captains’ Meeting • If these two things are not done you may be charged a $10 Missed Captains’ Meeting fee • Must be paid by Friday at 4pm or your team may be dropped from league

  4. Responsibilities of the Captain • Know the Policies and Procedures of the intramural program and communicate to your team • Keep a good line of communication open with the Intramural Desk – correct email and phone # • • 480-965-5835 • Make sure everyone has their student ID or state issued ID at each and every game • Know when you play (leagues/playoffs)

  5. Where to find information • SDFC website • • IM Leagues Website • • Intramural Desk • Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm • Friday 10am-2pm

  6. League Structure • 4 regular season games • Games begin on Sunday, March 23rd • Teams must qualify for playoffs – top 50% • Playoffs begin Monday, April 21st • Schedules available on IM Leagues

  7. Playoff Structure • Top 50% of each league will advance to single elimination playoff bracket • Bracket Draft will be on Friday, April 18th, times TBD. Make sure you have a representative there to pick your spot. • Playoffs begin Monday, April 21st – BE READY to play Monday! • All rosters will freeze on Monday, April 21st at 12:00pm pm for the ENTIRE playoffs. • League rankings based on : 1) Win % 2) Run Diff 3) Runs Against 4) Head to Head

  8. Default vs. Forfeit • Default • You inform us prior to the game with plenty of time to contact your opponent • By 12pm noon the day of the game for games Monday through Thursday • By 12pm noon on Saturday for games scheduled on Sundays • You get the loss, but no fee is assessed • Forfeit • Your team does not show up • Your team does not have enough players to field a team or the correct gender ratio for CoRec • $20 Forfeit fee • Must be paid by 12pm noon the day of your next game (2pm Friday for Sunday games) or else it will be a second forfeit • Two Forfeits will result in your team being dropped from the league • Forfeit fees not paid to the desk will be charged to captain’s ASU student account • Sponsoring Orgs DO NOT pay any fees incurred – teams must pay these if any incurred

  9. Forfeit Policy • If a team forfeits, ALL team members will be suspended from ALL sports until the $20 fee is paid. • Fee can be paid by any player (not only the captain) but must be paid before anyone can play

  10. Roster Information • Refer to handout • Due by 12pm Noon the day of your scheduled game or 12pm Noon on Saturday for Sunday games • Sponsored team rosters will be frozen after the first week for remainder of the league • Rosters will be frozen for EVERY team at the beginning of playoffs for the rest of the season • No one will be permitted to play who is cleared on your roster. Absolutely no exceptions – Check this early and often! • Teams are not allowed to play without minimum roster • Minimum 8 players for all leagues and genders • Minimum 4 players of each gender for CoRec (4 female, 4 male)

  11. Rosters On IM Leagues • Please encourage your teammates to register on IM Leagues and join the team as soon as possible to avoid last minute website confusion/issues • You and your team are entirely responsible for managing your roster • If you have questions or concerns we are available to help, however it is not our responsibility to ensure that you have the minimum number or that players are registered by the time rosters are due • USE IM LEAGUES HELP CHAT

  12. Rosters On IM Leagues • All participants MUST have a current SDFC membership • All participants MUST make an account on IM Leagues • Players may be added in one of two ways • Captain’s may invite players to join the team • Players MUST accept this invite! • Players may request to join a team; they are not on the roster until the captain approves this request

  13. Eligibility • Participant Eligibility • Must be a member of the SDFC • Faculty/Staff must purchase a membership • Alumni must purchase a membership • Not a currently ejected participant • Must meet with Intramural Advisory Committee prior to joining a team

  14. “Play with Honor”Sportsmanship Campaign • Sportsmanship should be addressed with your team prior to every game • Respect your team, your opponents, and the umpires/staff – you will have no issues • Sportsmanship Rating • Team Unacceptable – must meet with Advisory Committee • Individual Ejection Policy • Cannot play until they meet with the Student Advisory Committee • Sooner rather than later – spots fill up quickly

  15. “Play with Honor”Sportsmanship Campaign • Individual conduct can/does affect a teams sportsmanship rating • Work with your players and discuss appropriate behavior • Teams can be dropped from any league at the intramural department’s discretion • Fans are great – as long as they are productive. They can affect your team’s rating/standing in the league • You are part of the bigger puzzle… • Players are part of their team • Teams are part of larger organizations • Your actions may affect larger scale!

  16. AWARDS for Winning • Personal satisfaction and admiration from your peers! • Receive an intramural champion t-shirt or Sun Devil IM sunglasses (rec leagues) • Pictures on the website, Facebook and in the SDFC for entire year! • Champions of each competitive league will be invited to play in All Campus Championship Bracket

  17. Equipment • Bats • Bats must have ASA stamp and checked against ASA error list - officials must check all bats brought by teams • Any person found using an illegal bat will immediately be out and team could face further sanctions • We will have bats for checkout at games if needed • Gloves – teams must supply all team gloves • Balls – we will provide game balls, teams must provide warm up balls

  18. Equipment • Illegal Equipment • No jewelry of any kind is allowed – remind your teams • No metal cleats! Cleats are not required, but must be plastic or rubber tipped • All casts must be completely covered with soft material • Double wall, triple wall, or ANY bat without the ASA stamp on it (you can check on the ASA website)

  19. Rules • ID at every game • Student ID (ASU or another college/university), driver’s license or state-issued ID, passport, military ID, or credit/debit card with picture AND name on it • 10 players in the field – can start with 8 players • Games will last 7 innings or 50 minutes • No extra innings during regular season. • Playoffs will follow international tie breaker procedures • Mercy run rules – 10 runs after the 5th,12 after the 4th and 15 after the 3rd

  20. Rules No bunting, no leading off, no stealing YES you can slide, and should on close plays Every batter starts with 1 and 1 count (there will be no “courtesy fouls”) Pitches must have an arc of 6-12 feet Umpire will judge illegal pitch – will be ruled a ball unless you swing, then ball is live Pitcher must be in contact with the rubber during the pitch, one continuous, straight forward motion We will be using a strike mat this year, not a strike zone – plate and mat are strikes, but remember to swing the bat!

  21. Common Questions • What about weather issues? • If you do not receive a call from us, your game is still on – please do not call desks, or might get misinformation from another department. • Check IMLeagues, this will be updated IMMEDIATELY • What about close plays/plays at the plate? • Avoid contact with other players! There is no blocking the plate (catchers) or interfering with double play (runners). You do not have to slide, but stay within yourself • What are our batting/fielding options? • Bat everyone! – you have unlimited subs in the field. This is HIGHLY encouraged • Bat 10 players w/ subs – any sub can come in for a starter, starter can then re-enter for that same sub, BUT then sub is done for the game!

  22. Common Questions • What are the CoRec differences? • Must have a minimum of 4 men/4 women always • Pitcher and catcher must be different gender • 2 males and 2 females in the infield, 2 each in the outfield • No position restrictions • Must alternate male/female in batting order • Try to have same number of each gender at your games; if not, it gets tricky… • If you play with unequal gender numbers, you must take an out between batters of the same gender • Outfielders MUST stay behind outfield line until after pitch is hit • If male batter walked on 3 pitches – gets 2nd base

  23. Review • League page • League Description • Playoff Standings • Division Standings • Roster Info • ASU Page • Rules Page • FAQ • IMLeagues Help • Home page • Games and teams • Team Page • Team settings • Inviting players • Free agents • Team roster • Games/results • Rule Book • IMLeagues Help

  24. Any questions?