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Mary Anning. Mary Anning used to go to old places in search of remains and fossils. That is how we know that some creatures really existed . Who is Mary Anning.

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Mary anning

Mary Anning

Mary Anningused to go to old places in search of remains and fossils. That is how we know that some creatures really existed.

Who is mary anning
Who is Mary Anning

Mary Anning was born in May 21, 1799 and died in March 9, 1847. She was a British fossil hunter and she studied most of the fossils that she found.

Mary owned a dog named Trey and herbrother Joseph was two years older than her. As a child Mary would go to the beach with her father and look for fossils. Unlike her brother Mary had a sharp eye which she used to look for fossils.

Mary anning s findings
Mary Anning’sfindings

“The great depository is Lyme Regis: the reason is, that a greater extent of Lias is there acted upon by the tide, and men, who break up the ledges; and so enable Miss Anning to perambulate a fruitful superficial extent of three miles long by one eighth of a mile broad.”

Here aredinosaurs! The geology gallery of Lyme Regis Museum contains a wealth of fossils and tells of the early pioneering palaeontologists who worked at this Dorset town on what is now the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

Mary anning

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