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Mary Cassatt

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Mary Cassatt
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Mary Cassatt

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  1. Mary Cassatt Wonderful Impressionist painter By: Ashley Moran

  2. Ms Cassatt was born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania on May 22 1844. She never married and past away on June 14, 1926. Studied in Pennsylvania academy of fine arts from 1861 to 1865 In 1866 to 1874 Shestudied and painted in Paris, Italy, Spain, and Holland from. She then settled in Paris Mary Stevenson Cassatt Pennsylvania academy of fine arts Mary Cassatt (American) - "Self Portrait"

  3. Mary was into art all of he life she never had another career. She enjoyed French art her first exposure to French artists Ingress, Delacroix, Corot, and Courbet was likely at the Paris( World's Fair of 1855.)She first had lessons in music and drawling she also learned German and French. Also she exhibited at the exhibition were Degas and Pissarro, both of whom would be future colleagues and mentors. This then influenced her to become a professional artist. Thetime period was in 1870-1920 the end of the 19th century. Mary Cassatt was the only women excepted in Impressionist art in that time period Her Life Time World Fair in Paris tentoonstelling in September 1855 by ms. Rethaan Macaré. Utrecht 1856

  4. Before meeting Mr. Degas, Mary was more of a formal painter. When she became acquainted with Edgar Degas she then began to grow into an Impressionist painter in both style and subject matter. Toward the end of 1866, she joined a painting class taught by Charles Chaplin, a noted genre artist. In 1868, Cassatt also studied with artist Thomas Couture, whose subjects were mostly romantic and urban. Growing Art Self Portrait Charlie Chaplin (16 Apr. 1889–25 Dec. 1977) Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland

  5. Her Art The Sisters by Mary Cassatt Looking at the baby, by Mary Cassatt. 1885

  6. Returning to the United States • In the late summer of 1870 Mary returned to the united states . She then went to stay with her parents. Her father still did not support her. He did not approve of her being and artist at all. He would not help her with her art only her basic needs. She then tore up her fathers portrait and refused to paint intel She has many admires but never any buyers. There fore, in his house he only helped her with basic needs not art. She then tore up his portrait and refused to paint intel she was back in Europe. Allegheny City, Pennsylvania

  7. Taking A Chance • She traveled to Chicago to try her luck but lost some of her early paintings in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Shortly afterward, her work attracted the attention of the Archbishop of Pittsburgh, who commissioned her to paint two copies of paintings by Correggio in Parma, Italy, advancing her enough money to cover her travel expenses and part of her stay. The Great Fire of 1871 reduced State and Madison Streets to piles of ash and rubble. (Photo Courtesy of Chicago Historical Society

  8. This artist interest me because of the way she has a bonding in mother daughter relationship also in a sister bond. Breakfast in Bed (1897)

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