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Food Science & Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Food Science & Technology

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Food Science & Technology

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  1. Food Science & Technology Cathleen Taylor, McCurtain Co. Educator Liz Taylor, Pontotoc Co. Volunteer

  2. A person who organizes advertising for print media, coordinates advertising promotions, and is familiar with the food industry. Advertising Specialist

  3. A person who applies science and engineering to the manufacturing process of food development Food Technologist

  4. A person who demonstrates the preparation of a recipe. Demonstrators may work in a kitchen store, TV stations, or restaurants. Food Demonstrator

  5. A person who writes about food, recipes, or techniques using photographs as the main story, with small captions underneath. Food Photojournalist

  6. A person who arranges food to be professionally photographed Food Stylist Average Salary $23,000

  7. Food Stylists Sell

  8. Tasty Food Photography Tips

  9. Setting Choose a setting that enhances, but doesn’t distract from your food. Pick a simple, plain background or tablecloth. Use plates whose color contrasts with or harmonizes with your food, but not ones that are the same color.

  10. Get in as close as you can. Use the macro setting on your camera if it has one. Fill the frame with the food, so the viewer can almost taste it. Zoom In

  11. Don’t forget to take pictures of the process. Sometimes making the food (chopping, cooking) can be as interesting as the final product. Preparation

  12. Work quickly. The faster you take pictures of the food, the fresher it will look. Cold, congealed meat and wilted salads just don’t look good. Use an empty plate to help you set up your shot before the food is ready. At the last minute, slip in the real plate of food. Be Quick

  13. Details The devil is in the details. Check the edges of your plates and glasses for stray food, and wipe away any smudges. Use sauces and garnishes to add color to drab shots (i.e. adding a lemon wedge to iced tea).

  14. Enhanced Photos