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Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative - AMSTI PowerPoint Presentation
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Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative - AMSTI

Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative - AMSTI

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Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative - AMSTI

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  1. Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative - AMSTI Robert S. Ricks – Robin Nelson –

  2. Alabama Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI)

  3. Alabama • State Standards Link: • State Science Assessment Link: Go to the url below, click on Publications and select the Alabama Science Assessment (ASA)and the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE)for information on our science assessments. • Wild Card: On the AMSTI website you will find some lesson plans for grades K-8 Global Learning Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) and some to Fill In The Holes (FITH) in our state course of study.

  4. Arizona Lacey Wieser

  5. Arizona • Current round of MSP w/ focus on Science and Literacy • Roll-out 2010 ELA Standard (Common Core) helping content teachers understand RST and WHST strands

  6. Arizona • AZ Science Standard Link • State Science Assessment links • • Science Resource Page ( )

  7. Arkansas Stephen Brodie (state): Catherine Mackey (state): Bill Fulton (honorary) Dr. Dennis Plyler (associate)

  8. ARKANSAS • SciKeys – 5th Grade, 7th Grade, Biology • Focus: Inquiry-based 5-E Lesson Modeling • • • • Content Literacy • Collaboration with State Literacy Specialists • Science Grade Bands: 5-8, 9-12 • Focus: Summarizing, Writing to Learn, Questioning, Vocabulary • Picture Perfect Science • Collaboration with State Literacy Specialists • Grades: K-6 • Focus: Inquiry-based Science Lessons from Picture Books

  9. State Standards Link • State Science Assessment Link • State Educational Cooperatives Link

  10. California Jim Greco Lisa Fassett Blessing Mupanduki, Matt Silberglitt, Art Sussman, Deborah L. Tucker, Rowena Douglas,

  11. California • California Mathematics and Science Partnership - $21 million in Federal funds for research on professional development that enhances content knowledge and teaching skills of classroom teachers in mathematics and science. • California Department of Education (CDE) STEM Web page – Part of the CDE STEM Discussion Group, this page provides operational definition and resources for STEM in kindergarten through grade twelve education. • Education and the Environment Initiative – A legislated initiative on environmental literacy/science that includes a K-12th grade curriculum comprised of 85 units teaching science academic standards.

  12. California • California Science Standards and Science Framework - • California Standards Test for Science – Blueprints of science tests. • Science Safety Handbook for California Public Schools (update to be posted by June 2011) and other resources -

  13. Colorado Barry Cartwright

  14. Colorado • Standards Implementation Colorado is following a 4 phase plan implementing for our new standards. These standards were written with the idea Students must actively engage with and think about the big ideas of science, not just passively hear or read about them. • MSPs This years MSPs focused on elementary science and science note booking.

  15. Colorado • State Standards Link • State Science Assessment link

  16. Connecticut Elizabeth Buttner

  17. Connecticut Science Initiatives • Guide to Curriculum Standards: Each content standard “unpacked” into sequenced unit subconcepts and student performance outcomes. • Scientific Inquiry Formative Feedback Rubrics: Narrative descriptors of attributes of “Novice”, “Intermediate” and “Skillful” student work in 4 essential components of scientific inquiry. • MSP Instructional Coaching Academies • New certification endorsement for “Instructional Specialist: Elementary Mathematics and/or Science” (effective 2015):

  18. Connecticut Resources • State Standards Link • State Science Assessment link • Connecticut High School Science Safety, Prudent Practices and Regulations: • Connecticut Middle School Safety, Prudent Practices and Regulations:

  19. Tonyea Mead-Education Associate, Science April McCrae-Science Assessment Specialist

  20. Delaware Science Coalition-Statewide professional development and materials for k-12 teachers. • Delaware’s Governor’s Council for STEM- Advise the Dept. of Education on issues relating to STEM education. • High School Professional –Movement toward integration of STEM, engaging multimedia e-text books and technology in grades 9-12th.

  21. Insert State Name Here • State Standards, State Science Assessment, Delaware Science Coalition Link

  22. District of Columbia Tamara Reavis, Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Acting Director for Assessment and Accountability, Michael J. Kaspar, Ph.D., Affiliate Member, Alma S. Miller, Affiliate Member,

  23. District of Columbia • Initiative 1 Recipient for Race to the Top Funding • Initiative 2 Catalyst Schools Theme-Based Schools for STEM, Arts Integration and World Cultures • Initiative 3 Participation in the Sally Ride Academy • Initiative 4 Statewide Secondary and Elementary Science & Engineering Fairs • Initiative 5 Next Generation of Science Standards

  24. District of Columbia • State Standards Link -Learning Standards for K-12 • • State Assessment & Accountability link •,A,1274,Q,561249,seoNav,%7C31193%7C.asp • DCPS Common Core Standards link •

  25. Florida Latasha Fisher 325 West Gaines Street Turlington Building Suite 424 Tallahassee, FL 32399

  26. Florida • Increase the percentage of students who are performing at or above proficiency in science as measured by AP, ACT, Biology end of course exam, NAEP, FCAT 2.0 (Grades 5 & 8), and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten assessment • Increase the percentage of high school students who enroll in and successfully complete advanced and higher level courses in science (AP, IB, AICE, Dual Enrollment) • Increase the number of students who are performing at or above proficiency in science in our lowest performing and high needs districts.

  27. Florida • State Standards Link CPALMS ( • Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test ( • The Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FCR-STEM)(

  28. Georgia Juan-Carlos Aguilar Amanda Buice

  29. Georgia • The State will require that all elementary and middle schools make Science their AYP second indicator starting with a hold harmless year in 2011-2012 and with full implementation in the 2012-2013 school year. • Race to the Top Goals • Set High Standards and Rigorous Assessments for All – Leading to College and Career Readiness • Encourage Advanced Placement and dual enrollment options which allow students to earn college credit while still in high school • Improve overall condition of teaching and learning • Effective Support for All Schools, Including Turning Around the Lowest-Achieving Schools • Promote an aggressive STEM agenda to ensure that students are proficient in STEM fields • MSP – 25 funded grants throughout the state.

  30. Georgia • Georgia Performance Standards • Georgia Science Frameworks • Georgia Science Resources • Georgia Assessments • Math Science Partnerships (MSP) Program • Coming Soon….Georgia STEM!

  31. Hawaii Derrick Tsuruda (2010 State) Education Specialist, Science Colleen Murakami (2010 State) Justin Mew (2010 Associate) Jeffrey Piontek (2010 Associate)

  32. Hawaii • STEM Learning Strategy and Network, one of many projects under Race to the Top (RTTT), • College and Career Ready Diploma Policy 4540, • • Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT),

  33. Hawaii • State Standards Link • • State Science Assessment link •

  34. Idaho Scott Smith - Science Coordinator

  35. Idaho • i-STEM - Stakeholders action group • ISAS - Idaho Science and Aerospace Academy NASA

  36. Insert State Name Here • Standards: • • Assessment: • • Idaho STEM Pipeline •

  37. Illinois Pam Stanko Gil

  38. Illinois and PARCC Illinois Mathematics and Science Partnerships Program Formative Assessment Professional Development Program

  39. Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) - Science New ILS / CC Math / ELA State Science Assessments Illinois Assessment Frameworks

  40. Indiana Jenny Hicks, Curriculum, Janet Rummel, Assessment,

  41. Indiana • Indiana Science Initiative • K-8 • Inquiry based, research developed curriculum • Sustained professional development focused on science and literacy • Modeling Instruction in Chemistry and Physics (and developmental work in Biology) •

  42. Indiana • 2010 Academic Standards for Science • • • ISTEM Resource Network

  43. Iowa Associate Members Tony Heiting Kathy McKee Honorary Members Ken Hartman Jack Gerlovich Yvette McCulley

  44. Iowa • STEM State Strategic Plan Roadmap • Environmental Literacy Plan • • State Science Leadership Team •

  45. Kentucky Sean Elkins Karen Kidwell Suzann Shaver

  46. Kentucky • New focus on STEM pathways for College and Career Readiness. • Establishment of regional training networks for development of support materials and developing assessment literacy in science. • Highly Effective Teaching and Learning characteristics and support materials

  47. Kentucky • KY Program of Studies • KY Core Content for Assessment • Science Newsletters • (Elementary) • (Middle) • (High)

  48. Louisiana Ann Wilson, Science Program Coordinator, LDOE Jean May-Brett, MSP Coordinator & STEM Initiative, LDOE - Loren Barrios, Elementary Consultant: Science, LDOE

  49. Louisiana Initiatives • MSP Twenty 2010-11 Elementary (3rd and 4th grade) math and science projects partnering 35 districts, private schools, 10 IHEs, and nine (9) community resource providers . • STEM Initiative( ) • Creating a state-wide STEM Alliance with regional hubs - networks of public and private partnerships, LEAs, IHEs, businesses and foundations and a Superintendent’s National Advisory Circle. • End of Course Exams have been developed to replace current state Graduate Exit Exams. The Biology exam is now operational for science. Access assessment guides at . • Career-Tech Science Course Curricula have been developed for Forensic Science and Food Science . These courses count as science units toward graduation with a Career Diploma. View at

  50. Louisiana • LouisianaStandardsas Grade-Level Expectations • Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum: Science is at • Science Assessment: All state assessments and information is found at • EAGLE(Enhanced Assessment of Grade-Level Expectations) is an online system for formative assessment. Access at