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Welcome to Al Jazeera Childrens Channel

Corporation Statement. VisionTo be the children's Channels of choice for every Arab home. MissionTo champion children's lives with quality programming and multimedia content that educate

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Welcome to Al Jazeera Childrens Channel

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    2. Corporation Statement Vision To be the children’s Channels of choice for every Arab home Mission To champion children’s lives with quality programming and multimedia content that educate & entertain

    3. JCC kicked off in 2005 with the funding and support of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. As a pan-Arab children's channel, JCC was the first to combine entertainment and education in its programs with the purpose of advocating understanding of culture, science and the world at large. Our History

    4. JCC sets the standard for the television medium and redefines quality programming in the region's industry. We offer an innovative and compelling alternative to the current trends in regional television broadcasting. All programs are subject to rigorous review by a committee to uphold our high standard of quality content. At JCC, we navigate into territory never approached by other children's channels: * We promote the consistent and unwavering use of classical Arabic language. *We offer a debate show where Arab children express themselves and freely voice their thoughts and opinions. *We deliver thematic magazines in Arabic covering different educational subjects: Science, Health, Technology, Literature, Sports and more. * We encourage the enthusiasm of youth with rapid-fire competitions and quizzes where delight fuses with knowledge. A Channel like no other

    5. Equipped with state-of-the-art studios to guarantee high quality TV production. JCC exceeds industry standards with over 56% of its programs produced in-house, while complementing our schedule with outside acquisitions from such diverse locations as America and Europe. We are broadcasting 8 hours of new programming a day and 9 hours on weekends. Our services are free to view on Arabsat, Nilesat, Hotbird and Eurobird reaching all Arab countries and Europe. Our Facilities

    6. A fundamental promotion mechanism for our channel is our interactive website. Our online face is an essential building block between our audience and the channel. Our success in reaching online users has been overwhelming and increasing at a rate of 96%, to reach 814,195 in 18 months. Features used to support channel-viewer nexus include: Viewer feedback and communication Video and picture sharing Viewer database Webcam recording SMS reminders Video Promo streaming Video Library TV Schedule www.jcctv.net

    7. The viewer is at the heart of everything we do!

    8. Viewership and Perspective of Audiences

    9. Pan Arabic Ambition & Mission

    10. Highly Rated with Parents and Educators JCC enjoys a very high credibility among parents and educators and has maintained a top 3 rating position in children's channel over older and well-established competitors. JCC has been able to strongly delineate its strengths over other channels: the variety of programming, non-violent content, educational and cultural emphasis.

    11. On Going Programs

    12. Addarb “The Trail” Addarb comes back in a new, stimulating and thrilling format, where competition and winning spice up the mind and body experience for boy and girl contestants. A tournament of joy, fun, and excitement coming to you all through the week starting Sunday, this program takes four teams of contestants to the finale on Thursday hoping to win the grand prize.

    13. Sahat Al Founoun “You Can Do it” A JCC production from scratch to craft, “Sahat Al Founoun” is an entertaining game show that takes participants into many phases of a challenging competition. Each episode gives the chance to 16 participants - divided into 4 teams- to get involved in exciting activities and crafts like painting, sculpting, acting, tailoring, and even cooking. The contestants will pull up their sleeves and accomplish different tasks in a limited time of 15 minutes. They must use their many talents and creativity in problem solving, all while revealing a wonderful team spirit.

    14. Alo Marhaba Alo Marhaba is an interactive and informative magazine highlighting the latest events and happenings related directly Arab children. In an informative and entertaining format, Alo Marhaba takes the viewers on a journey into a wide array of topics like sports, heritage, arts and culture. The program aims to project the different dialects and richness of the Arab World.

    15. 1, 2, Intalek “1-2-Go!” Wahed tnein intalek is a weekly sports magazine, which introduces young viewers to a certain concept used in a universal sport such as soccer or basketball, using state-of-the-art tools like Archive Images and 3D models. Wahed tnein intalek also presents two reports on sports or martial arts from different parts of the world as a way to complement the main topic.

    16. Wasla “Link” Wasla is a weekly half hour televised magazine linking all young Arabs of the world. It introduces viewers to different countries and cultures through the experiences of Arab children living there. Wasla aims to create a link between expatriate Arab children and their distant homeland, as well as the larger Arab world.

    17. Nadhra Ala Nadhra Ala is an hour debate highlighting the interests, problems and challenges that Arab children and adolescents are facing in the modern world. Moderated by two presenters, Nadhra Ala provides Arab children with the chance to express and discuss their thoughts with an expert invited to facilitate dialogue.

    18. Kallemni “Talk To Me” In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, Kallemni hosts a child between the ages of 12 and 15 to share thoughts, insights, emotions and feelings, and to communicate their worries and concerns in an ongoing dialogue. Kallemni is a plateau where the guest children have the opportunity to share their perception about their surroundings on the road to maturity, at the same time developing their communication skills and forming clear and coherent opinions.

    19. Duniamedia Duniamedia is a weekly interactive magazine introducing the latest in internet and technology to children. Duniamedia answers children’s questions and provides them with beneficial and relevant information according to their interest, age and culture.

    20. Siha wa Salama Siha w Salama is a bi-monthly half hour health magazine that explains to young viewers how the human body works. It also provides good advice for staying fit and healthy. It discusses important issues such as smoking, sport, hygiene and body functions.

    21. Wahat Al Oloum “Oasis Of Sciences” Wahat Al Oloum is a half hour bi-monthly oasis of knowledge and information that addresses in each of its episodes an interesting science topic. Whether it is physics, chemistry, astronomy, engineering, geology or biology, Wahat al Oloum has an informative and engaging documentary about it.

    22. Lakatat A major comeback for Lakatat Magazine in a new and fresh format. As the new season kicks off, Lakatat Magazine brings to children all across the Arab world a more vivid and exceptional experience. Arab children are invited to a fast and joyful journey in the world of knowledge, culture, and entertainment while in the comfort of their home.

    23. Kol Yom Kol Yom, a daily highlight journal, provides children with information about the contemporary world in a simple & enjoyable way. Kol Yom is a reliable source of general knowledge that presents special reports & news from around the world.

    24. Saat Safar A journey of travel, fun, and knowledge around the globe. This program introduces an intriguing and fascinating mix of countries and their cultures in an entertaining and exciting layout. In Saat Safar, animation and reality create a wonderful experience for children that can't be missed. Saat Safar introduces Arab children to the many geographical, ecological and societal landscapes around the world, encouraging a thirst and passion for discovering other civilizations, as well as gaining knowledge of the world's cultural diversity.

    25. Alaab Shaabiyah “The World is My Playground” Alaab Shaabiya sheds light on traditional as well as contemporary social playgrounds from different corners of the world. The aim is to revive different gaming methods and develop interpersonal skills. The program promotes fun, personal interaction, and analytical entertainment using the simplest tools.

    26. Tariq Al Najah Tariq Al-Najah, is a new televised magazine with a totally unique approach to Arab children's television. Each weekly episode gives an Arab child the opportunity to personally experience his or her dream job. The participant spends three days with a minister, a pharmacist, a pilot, etc…, and tries out their "dream profession”. They explore the different aspects and characteristics of the job and the difficulties that might come with it

    27. Bayti Al Arabi Bayti Al Arabi is a multi-medium production bringing together real life footage, cartoons, 2D, 3D, puppets, and an array of vivid special effects with the purpose of creating a unique and exceptional platform of interconnection for Arab children. The six main puppet characters, Jameel, Dhahik, Abs, Mourhafa, and Tafaul will host “Bayti Al Arabi” bringing the Arab world together in one TV show.

    28. Fafa-Pre-School FAFA, JCC’s famous animated turtle, presents preschoolers an every day morning program. FAFA provides an educational environment full of fun and knowledge for toddlers between 3 and 6 years. FAFA has a daily rendezvous with her friends where adventure and delight are sure to ensue.

    29. Annadi Annadi, a JCC club, consists of a group of segments, aired separately through out the day. Five young presenters accompanied by JCC’s robot “NAD” address children between 7 and 15 years and provide them information on all JCC programs broadcasted in a creative and playful style.

    30. Kalila Wa Dimna “Kalila and Dimna” Kalila wa Dimna is the portrayal of a collection of fables first found in the Sanskrit language originating in India. It illustrates traditional fables put in the mouths of animals. The two main figures are the jackals Kalila and Dimna, while the narrator is the philosopher Bidpai who transmitted these fables in an attempt to plant wisdom, charity and justice. Kalila wa Dimna is a cartoon series based on the Arabic version of Abdullah Ibn El-Muqafa, a well-known folklorist long enjoyed by children and adults alike. The series of Kalila wa Dimna aims at providing Arab children with educational, social and moral advice. It is considered a valuable tool for parents and children to increase communication and spend quality time together.

    31. Lulu wa Marmar Lulu and Marmar “Lulu” and “Marmar” are two inseparable puppet characters developed to stimulate and amuse our young viewers. While Marmar is an intuitive, bookworm character, Lulu’s persona portrays an easily distracted and impulsive being with a relentlessly inquisitive nature that drags Marmar into one adventure after another. The two puppets demonstrate sharp interest in understanding the world around them. They pay close attention to subjects dealing with children’s daily life, in an attempt to discover the wisdom and knowledge behind the topic at hand.

    32. Gala Gala “The Spell” Gala Gala inspires critical thinking in children between the ages of 10 and 15. The program, a live action program, introduces biological, physical and chemical facts through experimentation. The concept behind Gala Gala is to stimulate creativity and enhance self-reliance in young viewers through a series of challenges faced by the two main characters of the series, “Ageeba” and “Fayez”.

    33. Rami wa Lamia “Rami and Lamia” “Rami” and “Lamia” is an animated musical series specifically designed to approach children’s fears and misbehavior. The two main characters, Rami & Lamia, are sympathetic and childlike personalities. Rami represents an anxious boy who struggles with his fears and jumps to rash conclusions, while Lamia plays the role of a mischievous young girl who often demonstrates difficult behavior such as chasing animals or trying to cheat on school exams. However, Lamia soon develops her own good judgment in order to bring out her best behavior. Through their own tribulations, Rami and Lamia encourage school children to think about actions and their consequences.

    34. Massimo Circus Al Jazeera Children’s Channel partners with world renowned Italian circus “Massimo” to bring exclusive shows to awe our young viewers every month. Each and every episode is a breathtaking and wonderful experience with many thrilling, funny, and surprising stunts.

    35. Bikol Al Loghat Viewers with hearing difficulties now have a program that speaks to them instead of talking about them. “Bi Kol Al Loghat” provides hearing-impaired children with a specialized TV content using visual language, graphics, and animations carefully produced to suit their needs.

    36. Thank You

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