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Childrens Jodhpurs

Childrens Jodhpurs

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Childrens Jodhpurs

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  3. LADIES JODHPURS Ladies Jodhpurs are specially designed trousers to provide comfort and safety whilst horse riding. Typically they are a tight fitting full length trouser with reinforced inner knee patches. They are designed for long periods of sitting, with seams positioned to ensure that they don't rub and a seat to offer a resistance from abrasion and a grip in the saddle.

  4. MEN'S JODHPURS Men’s Jodhpurs come in various forms and sizes. Professional riders also may invest in additional gear to ensure a safer and more comfortable ride. These include gloves designed to provide riders a better grip as well as protection from injuries. Equestrians who want to boost their appearance also may consider seasonal equestrian riding apparel.

  5. RIDING CHAPS Horse riding chaps are often bought to keep your legs protected from the weather and to keep you comfortable whilst riding. Even if you are only horse riding for pleasure you will need to own the correct riding apparel this will include jodhpurs, boots, gloves and a helmet. Often riding chaps are then worn over the top of your clothes.

  6. WOMEN'S JODHPURS Women’s Jodhpurs are available in a variety of styles. Depending on the type of riding you are doing, the style of jodhpurs may vary. For example, for show jumping or dressage particular colors may be required, commonly neutrals such as beige or white. Whereas for general stable work or hacking, a more casual jodhpur would probably be appropriate.

  7. CHILDREN'S JODHPURS Children's Jodhpurs has a major impact on their ability to ride safely and effectively. Traditionally, equestrian riding apparel has consisted of jodhpurs, or riding breeches, tall boots or paddock boots, a riding helmet, a riding shirt, and a jacket. Certainly, a jacket is not necessary for your child's riding lessons, but the other articles of equestrian riding apparel should all be considered necessary for a variety of reasons, safety being the most important.



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