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The Australian Boys Choir PowerPoint Presentation
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The Australian Boys Choir

The Australian Boys Choir

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The Australian Boys Choir

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  1. The Australian Boys Choir By: Casey Ross 1st period 11-8-11

  2. When they formed…. • Formed in 1939 as a non profit performing & training choir open to all boys with unchanged voices. • First rehearsal took place on October 20th 1939. • With a choir at Toorak central school, Vincent Kelly began rehearsal with 28 boys. • The rehearsal soon moved to the club house of the association for the advancement of the blind in kooyong.

  3. The old boys • For over 70 year the Old Australian Boys have played a role in shaping the Australian boys choir. • They were the nation’s first and finest choir for boys. • They have a very long proud tradition of community engagement with past members.

  4. Old Boys continued… • The old boys are very proud of their accomplishments of their graduates. • Their group is made up of people from all walks of life and from all over the world. • They have been going since 1940s till the 200s is their latest work.

  5. Choir in 1940s • Most of the foundation was made up of school boys at Toorak Central School. • They were invited to join at the recommendation of teaching friends of Vincent Kelly. • In 1947 there was a long waiting list to join the choir.

  6. Choir in 1950s • there was a tour in Tasmania in 1951 • After the tour a branch had started in Hobart during 1952 • Tours were also taken undertook in some of the mid year holiday breaks. • Winifred Everett joined the choir in 1954.

  7. Choir in 1960s • The third decade was another growth phase but with the parents instead. • They had two choirs named Blue and Gold until 1964. • Patrick McCaffrey started his journey with the choir with his two sons in 1960.

  8. Choir in 1980s • Ian Harrison served as director of music for only four years the involvement with the band stretch way more then that. • He went along with the Tasmanian Branch of the choir. • In 1971 he conducted the choir on their first international tour.

  9. Choir in 1990s • Lynette Clarkson made the outfits for the Choir. • Her outstanding sense of social justice found ways to help many of the less fortunate to stay in the choir. • Lynn’s nursing experience enabled her to lead and train caring staff on there tours. • The community paid tribute to her in a concert late in 2000, just a year before her untimely death.

  10. The choir in 2000s • Noel Ancell first got involved in the choir in 1971 and 1972. • He was the conductor of both their choirs • Took over the Artistic Director in May of 1983.