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  1. HONOR CHOIR 2012-2013

  2. Honor choir is a select group of students chosen through closed auditions. • These auditions will take place in the music room after school Wednesday, August 29.

  3. Auditions will be in order of the student’s arrival. • After auditions you may pick up your child at the middle south door by the library • (Students will have access to a phone to call when finished/auditions should be done no later than 4:30)

  4. The results of the audition will be posted on the music room door Friday, September 7. • At the audition your child will need to sing “My Country Tis of Thee”.

  5. Dues for Honor choir are $35 which is NONREFUNDABLE under any circumstance. • Dues need to be paid by the first rehearsal (September 19*)in order to participate in Honor Choir.

  6. Each member will be responsible for providing their costumes for the Christmas production. • Ms. Arnold will give specifics at a later time.

  7. Dues include: • Choir t-shirt $10 • Conference Choir registration and meal- $10 • Music/Transportation Fee-$15 • (For those members chosen to be a part of the Special Honor Choir in Warrensburg a $10 registration fee will be due closer to time of the event)

  8. For your benefit, I am requiring that each Honor Choir member’s parent(s) have a current, frequently checked e-mail for communication. • Since I do not see Honor Choir every day for rehearsal e-mail communication is a must.

  9. Rehearsals for honor choir will be every Monday and Wednesday after school till 4:30. • Attendance at rehearsals, performances and special activities are required. • Our first rehearsal will be September 19 after school till 4:30. • Please pick up your child at the exterior music room door promptly at 4:30.

  10. If a student has more than 3 unexcused absences per semester they will be asked to step away from the group. • An unexcused absence is when you are not at a rehearsal or event and there has been no communication with Ms. Arnold.

  11. Every person is important!! • Please keep in mind that you have been chosen over someone else. • 100% participation from September through to March 19 is so important. • You are taking the spot of someone who would love to be in Honor Choir, please don’t take that lightly!

  12. All performances are required. • If you see that there are multiple events that you cannot attend it would be in your student’s best interest to not be a part of the group. • If you have conflicts with events please make them known to Ms. Arnold ASAP.

  13. August 29-Honor Choir Auditions- after school –Music RM September 7-Honor Choir list posted September 19-First Rehearsal- after school to 4:30 (Kick-off Party) December 3-Christmas Caroling 5:30-8:00 (Pizza Party) December 10-Dress Rehearsal-HS Auditorium- 3:30-7:00 December 11-Dress Rehearsal-HS Auditorium- 3:30-7:00 December 13-Christmas Show- 7 p.m. – HS Auditorium- Call Time 6:15

  14. January 9Resume regular rehearsal March 9 WCMMEA Honor Choir- (select students only)Warrensburg March 7Conference Choir- Concert 6 p.m. (Butler Hosts) March 11End of the year celebration (The rehearsal after conference choir will be the last time we meet.)

  15. I, ___________________________________, (students name) understand my responsibility and obligation if I am chosen to be apart of the 5th and 6th Grade honor Choir at Butler Elementary. I will attend all of the rehearsals unless I am absent from school for an emergency or sickness. I understand that if I have more than 3 unexcused absences I will no longer be apart of the group. I commit to be at every performance unless I am sick and have contacted Ms. Arnold to get the absence approved and understand that they are not optional. ____________________________________________________________________ (Parent Signature) ___________________________________________________________________ (Student Signature) Date ___________________________ Shirt Size_________ ___Adult ___Child