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PowerPoint. Assignment Overview. Competent users can…. Understand the features, uses, advantages , and disadvantages ofPPT. Competent users can….

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Assignment Overview

competent users can
Competent users can…

Understand the features, uses, advantages, and disadvantages ofPPT

competent users can1
Competent users can…

Open a slide show in presentationmode, navigate through the presentation, and use numbers onthekeyboard to go directly to a specific slide


competent users can2
Competent users can…

Create a new slide show file

competent users can3
Competent users can…

Use the outline feature to organizetheslide show

competent users can4
Competent users can…

Select or create a background thatappearson all slides

competent users can5
Competent users can…

Add slides to a presentation and move them within the presentation

competent users can6
Competent users can…

Add text, graphics, photographs, and sounds to slides

competent users can7
Competent users can…

Embed video in a presentation

Ribbon (Start Menu)

PowerPoint Options (very bottom)

Check “Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon”

Go to Dev Tab, click “More Controls” button

Scroll down to Shockwave Flash Object (select)

Draw a box on your slide (video size)

On YouTube, click “Share”

Copy URL – delete “watch?” – change “=“ to “/”

Autoplay command – “&autoplay=1”

Right-click PPT box, go to “Properties”

Paste URL into “Movie”, click OK

Press F5 to view the Presentation

competent users can8
Competent users can…

Create transitions (wipes, fades, sounds) between slides

competent users can9
Competent users can…

Create links within the text or graphics to external resources/PPT/progs/Net

competent users can10
Competent users can…

Use an LCD projector to display the presentation to a class

competent users can11
Competent users can…

Understand basic rules of graphic design that apply when designing a PPT

Death by PowerPoint

1 have something to say
1. Have Something to say
  • Interesting Ideas
  • Useful Information

(Still a dog)

2 organize it tell them
2. Organize it (Tell them:)


Say it


What you justsaid


What you will say

3 don t let slides show
3. Don’t let slides = show

You, presenter = focus

  • Eye contact
  • Enthusiasm
  • Gestures
  • Vocal variation
  • Practice
  • Public spk skills
5 use good design format
5. Use good design/format
  • Less = more (5/5, 6/6, 7/7)
  • Bigger = better (18pt, 36pt)
  • Cute vs. Plain
  • High-contrast colors
  • Simple background
7 don t just use text
7. Don’t just use text
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8 proofread
8. Proofread
  • SpelingoRgRAMMARmistakeesloookwrse at larjesizez
  • Title slide and conclusion slide
  • 15 slides in the middle
  • Video, graphic, sound (1 each)
  • Embedded YouTube video
  • Change the design template/background
  • Transition & Animation (1 each)
  • Use different slide layouts (5 at least)
  • Smart Art and Word Art (1 each)
  • Table, graph, chart (1 at least)
  • Rule of 7’s
  • Anchors
  • YouTube Embed