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Spirituality. I was curious why this was such a small slice of my “Wheel of Life.” I was a little scared to pursue it. That made me think it was a worthy BHAG. Why Focus on This?. I am still listening to Spiritual Books on CD. I am reading about Spirituality.

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Why focus on this

Why Focus on This?

Where i am

Where I am

Where i want to be

Where I want to be

Spirit soul

Spirit ~ Soul

Opening new doors

Opening new doors


  • I have a recurring dream that I am struggling to make a flight and I can’t get all my bags through the security check, I am nervous that maybe I have water in one of the pockets, but I don’t know for sure. The plane usually leaves without me and I am stuck at the airport with a sea of Baggage around me… I tell myself not to pack as much next time… But the dream is recurring…



  • I continue on this journey that has no end, but rather, a series of “scenic views” along the way. I have read, I have contemplated, I have meditated, and I have conversed.

  • I feel spirituality when I see the smoke rise from a fire and reflect the suns rays, when I feel the chill of the morning as I take our dog out to do his business at 5am, when I drive to work and witness the mist hovering above the fields of corn, and when I feel the warmth and love of my family as we cram the entire family into a queen size bed.

  • I will continue to seek enlightenment and understanding for the rest of my life, and for this I am grateful that my BHAG is Spirituality.