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Are you facing the health problem? If yes meditation is the best option for you .It is the scientific proven method to improve the health the lifestyle .In the field of meditation spirituality is have the many importance. Spirituality can able to help the people in knowing themselves very well and it can also give inner energy for motivating our self. We provide the classes of this practice online. Our online classes you join anytime and anywhere. We provide you EBooks, articles, videos, audio lecture on meditation and many others. For more information visit our website.nnn

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welcome to enlightened buddha


Enlightened Buddha

Enlightened Buddha is center which provide the online health course for calm the a depressed person . This gives the classes for meditation, yoga, mindfulness and others. It starts with the self-help which is essential for taking decision. We help us to treat positively any situation we find ourselves in and gradually become a source of inspiration and joy for others.

mindfulness is helpful in improve the memory

. Mindfulness is helpful in improve the memory and cognitive function .It bring the attention for observe the situation of surrounding in the present .It help in making the decision quickly .It refresh your mind .If you want improve your mental wellbeing by join this course so contact with us .

it is helpful in change your personality

It is helpful in change your personality and perception .It is expand your comfort zone and help

you in improve your skills .The term self development is related your personal growth regarding

Your knowledge, perspective and abilities .It is also improve your productivity .It is help you in

learning new things.

spirituality is the process of finding

Spirituality is the process of finding the way of life .It is helpful in searching the meaning of life .

Spiritualityattach the people with soul .Some people gain spiritual by the visiting temple or any

other religious place but some people gain it by the private prayer as meditation .

you find the many type of yoga it make the body

You find the many type of yoga .It make the body fit, slim and flexible .It also improve the mental

wellbeing by reducing the anxiety and depression .If you are interested in this practice so contact

with us .We are the Enlightened Buddha which provide the yoga course online. Our teacher is

dedicated to teach the practice of yoga. For more information visit our website.

contact us
Contact us

Contact us

Address:-Anderson Moodle  35 Morningstar Road, SI NY 10303

Phone no: - 917 450 8909

E mail: - enlightenedbuddha@yahoo.com