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Sentence Outline Peer-Grader Check

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Sentence Outline Peer-Grader Check - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sentence Outline Peer-Grader Check. PAPER WORK!!. Give your peer grader your SO (pulled up on your laptop and Checklist. Place your (peer grader) name/date on the SO Checklist.

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paper work
  • Give your peer grader your SO (pulled up on your laptop and Checklist.
  • Place your (peer grader) name/date on the SO Checklist.
  • Look through your classmate’s Sentence Outline & write down/highlight the corrections they need to make. Please mark down large corrections on your Checklist, and highlight smaller corrections on the SO on their laptop.

(For instance: If the paradigm is off, simply write it down on the Checklist. If they make a smaller mistake, like misspelling a word, highlight it. Let them make the corrections….you simply point out where something is wrong.)

number 1
Number 1

Jones 1

Check for pagination: Does the page number change for each page?

number 2
Number 2
  • Introduction – No sentence.
  • Body – no sentence (erase sample words)
  • Conclusion – no sentence

Is this formatted and labeled correctly?

number 3
Number 3

Header: Check for accuracy.

Sally Brown/A3

Mrs. Chaffee

LA11/Sentence Outline

March 5, 2013

number 4
Number 4

Is there a centered title?

(no bolding or underline)

Sentence Outline

number 5 check spacing
Number 5: Check spacing
  • Quickly scan the entire document.
  • Are there any extra spaces between entries, at the top of the page or on the Works Cited page? (Do they even have a Works Cited page?)
  • Does the “unify spacing” box need to be checked in the paragraph prompt?
number 6 intro sentences
Number 6 – intro sentences!!

Do a quick scan.

  • One sentence is allowed for each entry.
  • Each sentence needs a noun/verb – no phrases.
  • No questions
number 7
Number 7
  • The Thesis Statement must be underlined in the intro.
number 8 subtopic check
Number 8 – Subtopic check
  • Each sub-topic in the intro is written as a declarative sentence
  • Each sub-topic is copied and pasted in the same order in the body.
numbers 9 body
Numbers 9- – body!!

Do a quick scan.

  • Each entry in the body is written as one sentence only.
number 10 11
Number 10 & 11
  • Each entry has a signal phrase.
  • Each source is introduced with a first signal phrase
  • Every other time that source is used, a second signal phrase is used.
  • …..uses a variety of sweet verbs.
  • Doesn’t use “says” or “said.”

(Said is DEAD!)

look for
Look for…..
  • “Everything is great” (“All Children are Great” 4).
  • Did your writer include a credential….who the heck is this person?
  • Variety in second signal phrases….beginning, embedded, tagged.
  • Everything is great, says Yost, with the community (33).
  • Everything is great with the community, insists Yost (33).
number 12
Number 12
  • Each Subtopic includes both
      • Paraphrases
      • Quotations
number 13
Number 13

Each Subtopic section contains information from at

least two different sources.

number 14 conclusion
Number 14 – Conclusion!
  • Restates Thesis in a new, powerful, & urgent way.
  • End is powerful and conclusive.
15 in text citation and works cited page match
#15 - in-Text Citation and Works Cited Page Match
  • As you read the outline, place a tiny check- mark to the left of that source on the Works Cited Page when you see that source cited. (You can just make a brief list on your SO Checklist.)
  • The in-text citation MUST match the name or title in the HANGING INDENT.
  • If there are sources listed on the Works Cited page that are not found in the sentence outline, please mark them down.
number 16 spelling grammar
Number 16 – spelling/grammar

As you read your writer’s paper, highlight any errors in:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Awkward/wordy sentences
  • First/Second person
  • Past Tense Verbs
number 17 check structure
Number 17Check structure
  • Check that parallel structure exists throughout (and lines up!): For every I., there is a II. For every A., there is a B., for every 1., there is a 2., for every a., there is a b., for every i., there is a ii., and so forth. (In that order!)

Order of Structure:

I. Roman Numeral

A. Capital Letter

1. Arabic Number

a. Lower-case Letter

i. “Lower-case” Roman Numeral

here are some codes to use
Here are some codes to use:
  • AWK - Awkward wording or phrases
  • 1 or 2 – First or second person
  • GEN – Generalities like, “all” or “everyone” or “all around the world.” (Don’t use those.)
  • WC – Word Choice
  • WW – Wrong Word
  • Cliché or Slang- Informal language or “sayings.”
finally write an evaluation
Finally – Write an evaluation.
  • See Checklist for instructions.
  • Consult/Converse with your peer-grader about what your impressions about their research and if their outline “lines it up” logically and clearly.
  • Count up the errors, write the amount above the writer’s name on the checklist and circle it. Hand it back. It’s time to revise.
revise and correct your errors
Revise and correct your errors.
  • Please make necessary revisions for each highlighted correction.
  • If you change the order of your subtopics, give attention to your 1st & 2nd sig. phrases.
  • Make corrections to your Sentence Outline.
  • Your First Version is due: 3/21. =)