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Halobacteria Experiment Grader

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Halobacteria Experiment Grader - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Halobacteria Experiment Grader. Title ( 1 point ): Does the Experiment start with a title that appropriately describes what the experiment is about? (Does it include the manipulated variable and the responding variable?) [ 1 Point ] (Does the paper have an author? -1pt ).

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Title (1 point):Does the Experiment start with a title that appropriately describes what the experiment is about?(Does it include the manipulated variable and the responding variable?)[1 Point](Does the paper have an author? -1pt)


Introduction (6 points):1. Does the Introduction section start with the word “Introduction”? (1pt) 2. Are there a CLEAR list of background observations about the a) Great Salt Lake? (1pt) b) Halobacteria (three paragraphs) (1pt) c) Is there a Problem Statement about the GSL & lack of biodiversity? (1pt) (Mr. Fowler will check this for more credit)3. The experimental Question ex. “Does Halo have an optimum salt concentration for growth? (1pt) 4. Is there a Hypothesis written in the correct “If (manipulated-salt concentration) Then (responding-halobacteria growth) format? (1pt)


Materials (2 points):

  • The word “Materials” (Procedure or Protocol is acceptable) is listed
  • A list of materials is given.

look for:

    • Nutrient Broth containing different salt concentrations
    • Spectrophotometer
      • Mr. Fowler will check the rest for more credit.

Methods (7 points):

  • The word “Methods” is listed (1pt)
  • A method is outlined in steps (1pt) (Mr. Fowler will check this for more credit)
  • Includes the fact that samples were in triplicate and left to incubate for 72 hrs (1pt)
  • Manipulated, Responding, Control variables and Experimental control are Listed and described (4 pts)

Results (6 points):

1. The word “Results” is clearly written (1pt).

3. A graph is present and contains the following information in a TAILS format……. (5 pts total)….next slide….

Graph has an appropriate descriptive TITLE (includes M. and R. variables)

Graph has an X and Y AXIS

Graph has appropriate INTERVALS (.1,.2,.3, etc)

Graph has necessary LABELS (x and y axis are labeled + units of measurements)

Graph has appropriate SPACING (same distance between .1 and .2, etc).


1 point for each of the following:

The word “Conclusion” is clearly written. (1pt)

Restates the hypothesis and/or question (1pt)

Hypothesis supported or not (1pt)

Mentions trends in the data, how they relate to the hypothesis and gives referenceto specific data points. (1pt)

Connects the results to observations about halo growth in the Great Salt Lake (north arm is saltier, saltier = more halo, more halo = less species diversity). (1pt)

A discussion of error in the experiment and how to improve lab the next time. (1pt)

Other additional extension experiments. Ex. More salt concentrations, different salt, different species of halo (1pt)

Conclusion (7 points):

(Mr. Fowler will check this section for more credit)


Total: 28 Points

Title: 1 Point

Introduction: 6 Points

Materials: 2 Points

Method: 6 Points

Results: 6 Points

Conclusions: 7 Points

(Dr. Fowler will assign additional points for quality of the Introduction, Materials, Method, Conclusion and overall effort, clarity, and accuracy…….Mostly effort!)