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Color your world! PowerPoint Presentation
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Color your world!

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Color your world!
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Color your world!

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  1. Color your world! Take a look around you! Colors are a part of your everyday life and make the world a fun place to live in! Lets learn some colors! Quiz Next Slide

  2. Red Red, red, red! There are so many things around you that are the color red. From the time you wake, till your head hits the bed, you see many things that’s what I said! Next Slide Home Quiz

  3. Orange Orange will surely put a smile on your face! This color takes you to a happy place. Whether you eat an orange in the summer, or carve pumpkins in the fall, the color orange is a fun for all! Next Slide Home Quiz

  4. Yellow Hello, yellow! You are the color of the sun. When I open my eyes in the morning, you make me want to run! Goodnight, yellow, the color of the moon. You are the last thing my eyes will see, but not to worry, I will see you again soon. Next Slide Home Quiz Can you name the two shapes that are in this slide?

  5. Green Tree tops, grass and frogs are green. Oh my goodness there are so many green things to be seen! Next Slide Home Quiz Name as many vegetables as you can that are green!

  6. Blue Blue is such a beautiful hue. Where can the color blue be seen? If you look to the sky blue is what you will see. The great big ocean is also as blue as can be. Next Slide Home Quiz

  7. Purple Although no words rhyme with purple, it is very neat. It is one color that truly can’t be beat. Grapes, plums and other delicious foods are this color! Can you please name another? Next Slide Home Quiz Look around you! Count how many purple things you see!

  8. Quiz You have learned some of the major colors today! They can be found all around you! Please answer some short questions and show me what you have learned. When you are finished, click on the link below and e-mail me your answers! What is the name of your favorite fruit? Can you tell me what color this fruit is? What is your favorite color? Why is this your favorite color? Can you name something else that is also this color? Name 2 colors that you can see in the background! If you see more, name those too! Home