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Color My World, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Color My World, Inc.

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Color My World, Inc.
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Color My World, Inc.

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  1. Color My World, Inc. who we are, what happened to us and what we aim to become...

  2. we started out as a marble processing company our plant stands on a 7,000m2 property in Meycauayan City, Bulacan we used to extract our raw materials from our own quarries we produced traditional marble tiles and slabs catering both to the local and export market

  3. facing man-made challenges... experiencing stiff competition from China and other countries high costs of production, from local raw and imported materials to ridiculously skyrocketing cost of electric power global recession, cutting off export markets low standard operations, etc.

  4. nature’s challenges • experiencing Ondoy!

  5. going 1.20 meters under water

  6. factory and office machines damaged beyond repair • files lost forever

  7. ...but we still managed to smile and be thankful. Because God is good... and He spared us. And we know that we will be standing taller after this.

  8. getting back on our feet, but... • cleaning up is so inconvenient... because we thought we needed to get back into business fast!

  9. we worked amidst the mess... • this is our condition after Ondoy... before we realized we needed help

  10. working conditions in its... uh, not so best.

  11. the more we wanted to get back on track, the more we moved off the track • we needed something... uh, more than ideal

  12. so we realized... it’s time to re-think our position revise our vision re-invent ourselves unload unnecessary baggages it’s ripe for new things... new products new beginnings!

  13. we thought... we needed to make ourselves rich... not the power company we didn’t have to compete with others... they have to compete with us we needed to bring our costs down... not our product prices we should create the need... not just fill it we should be helping the planet... go green we must help the country... and be proud of it

  14. doing the inevitable... change. the first thing to go... was our old self next... our old products then... set new standards

  15. things we did... more or less we sold our old high power consuming machines and started to fabricate our own... reducing our power bill designing new products... moving into our own niche streamlining our operations... uh, somewhat giving the building industry something they want... but didn’t know what it was in the first place established a zero waste program by using the vast resources of marble scraps, sludge and dust as raw materials... hey, we paid for those! tapping the Filipino’s creativity and pride... plus, his kakulitan (that’s perseverance in English)

  16. but we needed help... • ...and found it.

  17. philexport, dti, ebese... God bless you! • Color My World... going 5-S

  18. we needed the push... and the determination of others... to point out to us our shortcomings and hardheadedness... to make us realize our potential

  19. and we are learning... a lot

  20. cleaning up... finally hey, we’re working on it

  21. see?

  22. ehem... what did I tell you?

  23. oops... • ...told you we were working on it

  24. the way we were...

  25. ...the way we want to be

  26. what we accomplished so far... • since we are a work in progress... we are cleaning up as we build up. • moved 20% of the machines from their old locations to new and more efficient ones • 10% of new and improved machines under fabrication • 80% of repairs done on buildings • 10% replacement of damaged machines • with limited funds, we couldn’t get much off the ground, but we cut the work traffic by 40% • ...if only I could get my hands on P3M now, pay when able with no interest

  27. oh, by the way... want to see what we do? • really? • sure? • ok

  28. the mosaics oh, the Filipino dexterity... what we can do with our hands.

  29. labor of love I’m not kidding, they really love what they do

  30. here’s something you don’t see everyday

  31. terrazzo and terrex

  32. ...and more

  33. we even work on recycled glass • our response to the call of environmental responsibility

  34. coming soon...from sludge and dust...a 100% recycled material • sorry... you have to wait until we get a patent

  35. bye folks! • thank you very much • God bless!