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Database & Internet Resources, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Database & Internet Resources, Inc.

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Database & Internet Resources, Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Database & Internet Resources, Inc.
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  1. Database & Internet Resources, Inc. Bringing data to the web…

  2. The Solution Your software is fully integrated financial and operations software that links every facet of your business, eliminating redundancies and speeding the flow of information between departments. Customized design means you're getting just the tools you need with the advantage of knowing it can flex and expand.

  3. Accounting What do you need to know, and when do you need to have it? Get honest answers in a hurry. Customization of inquiries and reports allows you to set up the format to suit your needs. You get the numbers just the way you want to see them. You keep an eye on the big picture, and your software will keep an eye on everything else - automatically. From subcontract control and job costing, to variance tracking, and profit analysis.

  4. Accounting • - Accounts Payable • - Accounts Receivable • - Billing • - Cash Management • - Contracts • - Equipment Cost • - Financial Statements • - General Ledger • - Job Cost

  5. Accounting • Stay on top of costs and revenue, subcontracts, purchase orders, and all the rest to identify the variables that impact the bottom line. • Take charge of the entire payables process beginning with invoice entry through payment selection, check printing, and expense analysis. • Keep in touch with clients and on top of billings and receivables to proactively manage your cash position. • Create free-form customer invoices at any time, and automatically produce time-and-material, cost plus, lump sum, progress billing, and unit-priced invoices.

  6. Estimating Custom builders find it easy to create and manage detailed estimates. By answering a basic series of on-screen questions, you (and your customer) can quickly see the impact of proposed changes to the models being offered. Easily incorporate bids from subs and suppliers. Slice the numbers to yield estimates by unit or phase of work. The capabilities are virtually endless.

  7. Estimating • - Bid Management • - Estimating • - Scheduling

  8. Estimating • Create quick, accurate estimates backed by material, cost, and labor details. • Use multiple takeoff methods to create detailed customizable estimates. • Compare new estimates with other similar jobs to spot potential errors before they happen. • Transfer estimates to accounting for budget-to-cost comparison. • Analyze estimates from a variety of angles, such as phase of work. • At the lot-specific level, produce reports of material lists and subcontracts by lump sum, detailed bill of materials or unit price. • Drill down through multiple layers to finer and finer detail using rich database capabilities. • Create conceptual estimates and easily incorporate bids from subcontractors and suppliers.

  9. Procurement Turn detailed estimates into RFQs, select vendors, and start the purchasing process. Generate purchase orders, track change orders, issue receipts, and invoices all from a single database. Figures from your procurement can lock directly into the rest of your data - including key accounting applications such as Job Cost, Accounts Payable and Billing.

  10. Procurement • - Buyout • - Inventory • - Purchasing

  11. Procurement • Organize the items in an estimate into desired groups of materials, produce RFQs, and perform the tasks necessary to buy out your job. • Stay on top of all aspects of material management with efficient data entry processes to record receipt issues and adjustments. • Generate requisitions and purchase orders, track change orders, issue receipts, return authorizations, invoices, and more.

  12. Production Management The production management can include applications to help builders control construction costs, pinpoint the reason for a variance, manage labor costs, and handle contracts. With all the facts in one central database, and inquiries and reports that are easy to customize. Now you can quickly get to details that will let you identify issues before they grow into problems. Effectively manage change orders. Compare actual costs against budgets. Streamline your RFIs, submittals and other project documentation. Improve workflow between project managers and accounting.

  13. Production Management • - Homebuilder Management • - Production Scheduling • - Sales Interface • - Integrate construction estimating, accounting • - Cost and project detail • - Manage contracts, subcontracts, RFIs Purchase orders, change orders, submittals • - Eliminate workflow redundancies

  14. Production Management • Inform subs and suppliers automatically via fax or e-mail to coordinate resources. • Perform profit analysis, cost control, change order tracking, variance cause analysis, payment processing, custom reporting, and labor cost management for optimum efficiency. • Define which plans and options are available by community and determine markups using percentages, lump sum and market values. • Manage production over your local network and make needed information available on hand-held devices to remote users. • Jumpstart production scheduling and add purchase order automation.

  15. Reporting & Other Tools Your software system is only as valuable as the information you can pull from it - when and how you want it to appear. Customizable reports and interactive inquiries provide instant, onscreen access, and downloads in a hurry. Download to QuickBooks. Other tools with streamlined ease in mind include Address Book, a centralized corporate contact database, and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity.

  16. Reporting & Other Tools • - Address Book • - Information Assistant • - Inquiry Designer • - ODBC • - Customized Reports

  17. Reporting & Other Tools • Customize from hundreds of report options and inquiries with drill-down capability. • Put accounting reports and inquiries on any employee's desktop. • Create your own custom inquiries, pulling information in any way you want to see and drill down to it. • Manage all vendor and customer contacts in one central location with Address Book. • Easily exchange information between your database and most other commonly used programs with ODBC.

  18. Software Development • - Requirements Gathering • - Functional and Technical Specifications • - Software Architecture • - Programming • - Project Management • - Software Maintenance

  19. Databases • - MySQL • - Oracle • - Informix • - SQL Server • - Postgres • - FileMaker

  20. Technology Platforms • - Enterprise Java (EJB, Servlet, JMS) • - UNIX (Solaris, Linux, etc.) • - XML • - UML • - Microsoft .NET • - Windows based servers

  21. Programming Languages • - Java 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 • - C/C++ • - Visual Basic • - Scripting languages (Perl, Tcl/Tk, sh, etc.) • - LISP • - PHP • - Cold Fusion