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Quality you can Feel!

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ASPIJECT. Quality you can Feel!. What you need to know about ASPIJECT ® & local dental anaesthesia. Introduction. ASPIJECT ® is a self-aspirating dental cartridge syringe for infiltration and block anaesthesia. . ASPIJECT ® can be used with any standard dental cartridge and needle.

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quality you can feel


Quality you can Feel!

What you need to know

about ASPIJECT® &

local dental anaesthesia

  • ASPIJECT® is a self-aspirating dental cartridge syringe for infiltration and block anaesthesia.
  • ASPIJECT® can be used with any standard dental cartridge and needle.
  • The ASPIJECT® syringe was developed in co-operation with D.D.S. Dr. Odont h.c. Hans Evers from Sweden and other Scandinavian experts.
  • ASPIJECT® was introduced in 1981.
aspiject features


  • Unique grip design giving a comfortable ergonomic shape.
  • Short distance between grips – advantageous to users with below average hand size. Not as threatening to patients
  • Well-balanced, “good feel”. Provides excellent Tactile Sensitivity
  • Lightweight (50g) but solid construction.

Quality Construction:

  • Made from high-grade acid resistant stainless steel and heat resistant polymer. (No chromium plating to come off.)
  • No screw assemblies to loose. (harpoon, hub)
  • Easy to load, unload and clean.
  • Withstands sterilization to 200 degrees C / 390 degress F.
  • Smooth, hygienic surface. Surface of the syringe has a matt finish - does not reflect sharp light.
  • Can use with standard dental cartridge and needle.

What is aspiration?

  • Aspiration is performed to prevent an intravascular injection.

When to aspirate?

  • Prior to injection.

Basic principle of aspiration?

  • To create a negative pressure in the cartridge so that liquid from the tissue at the deposition site is sucked up.
aspiject and the self aspirating principle
ASPIJECT®and the self-aspirating principle
  • Every time during injection, when thumb force is realeased, aspiration is automatically produced with ASPIJECT®.
  • A light thumb force on the T-handle pushes the cartridge onto the hub at base of the syringe. This causes distortion (against the hub) of the diaphragm at the needle end of the cartridge.
  • By quickly releasing thumb force from the T-handle, the diaphragm relaxes and the elastic recoil creates the negative pressure that secures distinct aspiration.
aspiject and the self aspirating principle1
ASPIJECT®and the self-aspirating principle
  • The self-aspirating principle eliminates grip change or inadvertent repositioning of the needle tip.
  • Aspiration can also be produced by depressing and releasing the thumb disc.
  • By depressing the thumb disc, the force is transferred directly to the glass wall of the cartridge, making the aspiration result independent of different cartridges properties.
maintenance of the aspiject
Maintenance of the ASPIJECT®
  • ASPIJECT® is made from high-grade acid resistant stainless steel and special heat resistant engineering polymer. The syringe can be sterilizied by any method withstanding temperatures until 200ºC.
  • Like all stainless steel instruments, the syringe should be carefully cleaned and rinsed before sterilization. (Anaesthetic solutions are highly acidic).
  • When attention is paid to these few pieces of advice, ASPIJECT® will function and appear as new for many years.


  • No need to change grip when moving from aspiration to injection and therefore minimized risk of needle tip movement.
  • Withstands repeated sterilization by any method (Max 200ºC / 390ºF).
  • Possible to load without needle penetrating the diaphragm to avoid ion contamination of the anaesthetic solution.
  • Tactile sensitivity is enhanced by the solid one piece machined designed.
  • Side – loading.

Quick and easy with large window.

  • There is a 5 year material and

construction guarantee on

ASPIJECT® syringes.