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VERMONT: An Appreciation of the Seasons PowerPoint Presentation
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VERMONT: An Appreciation of the Seasons

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VERMONT: An Appreciation of the Seasons
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VERMONT: An Appreciation of the Seasons

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  1. VERMONT:An Appreciation of the Seasons What Is It that Makes Vermont The 3rd Best Place to Live?

  2. Why is Vermont so appealing? • Lifestyle stats place Vermont 3rd for the best place to live in the U.S. • Vermonter’s place 5th for the most physical exercise per person • Local companies, farms and factory tours • The beautiful state parks and lakes Sources: U.S. Census Bureau VT Travel and Tourism Industry Report by UVM

  3. The effects of Tourism on Vermont’s Economy The numbers of tourists visiting Vermont are not evenly distributed throughout the year, and neither are their expenditures. While there are more tourist trips made in the Summer season, Winter visitors tend to spend more money for each trip, or winter trips tend to be more costly. Source: 1997 Vermont Visitor Survey

  4. Spring “Signs” of Spring: • New growth • The return of migratory of birds (especially the Robin) • Animal babies • Tree's budding and flowers blooming • Sugaring Spring Activities: • White water rafting and kayaking • Fishing Season begins • Four wheeling • Gardening

  5. Spring Sugaring and Syrup Production: Vermont is # 1 producer of maple syrup An estimated 2000 producers produce an average of 400,000 – 500,000 gallons each year = 230 gallons per producer 18,400,000 gallons of sap handled each year 40 gallons of sap are needed to produce 1 gal. of syrup Total production value in 2009 = $13,340,000 In 2009 the average derived sale price per gallon = $29.00

  6. Summer in Vermont: Swimming holes, ice cream parlors, outdoor concerts, mountain hikes and the long days and warm nights of summertime are a perfect frame to Vermont's relaxed pace of life. 

  7. Summer Activities: Golf, hiking, biking, swimming at one of the many local swimming holes, float and relax along the rivers on a tube, boating, canoeing, kayaking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, or attending a summer festival are all affordable options for an exciting day trip or extended adventure. Back road expeditions and camping are also popular ways to explore the roads less traveled.

  8. Autumn Vermont is a popular tourist destination in late September to early October. Conditions such as the shortening days, the chilly nights, and soil conditions are signs that Winter is on the way. When trees prepare for the frosts and snow, leaves begin dying off, and their chlorophyll (green pigmentation) begins breaking down, exposing the beautiful range of colors from pale greens, yellows, bright orange and deep reds. Colors begin emerging in the north, progressing south into the valleys.

  9. Autumn Activities: Even as the weather cools, Fall is an especially beautiful time of year to attend craft fairs, farmer’s markets, or enjoy a ride on the Green Mountain Railway. Some regions offer bycycle tours..or try your luck at a corn maze. Apple orchards are also a great place to take a hay ride, pick apples or just take in the crisp autumn air. There are regional festivals and cook-offs like the apple pie festival, or try a brew fest to sample some of the VT microbreweries. Local farms are a great place to pick out the Halloween pumpkin…right off of the vine!

  10. Winter Vermont offers some of the most picturesque villages for winter and the holiday seasons. Golden shop lights pierce through the snowy nights. Horse-drawn sleighs glide through the wooded logging trails. Ski areas and shops open their doors in anticipation for the many visitors. Is it any coincidence that the classic images of winter are pure Vermont?

  11. Winter Activities: The mountains of deep snow are the perfect backdrop for classic winter activities like sleigh rides, snowman and igloo building, ice pond skating, skiing, snowboarding and sitting by the fire, local food and drink, arts, crafts, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, ice climbing, and sledding you can handle. Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) have a trail system, enabling snowmobilers to travel from one end of the state to the other. Snowmobile tours are offered several places throughout the state.

  12. Year round attractions or activities: • Visit VT flea market, craft fair, gallery, museum or antique shop • Go horseback riding • Visit a state park, or hike the Green Mountain National Forest • Fishing (or ice fishing) • Visit a local artist’s studio, theater, playhouse, orchard, or farm stand • Unwind at a Vermont spa • Learn about VT birds and wildlife and places to watch them • Go to a car show, horse show, or other annual events throughout the state • Take a factory tour of a VT company like Ben and Jerry’s • Take a scenic ride on the Green Mountain Railway, or by plane •

  13. More Year Round Activities… • Stay at a Vermont Inn or B & B • Explore one of the many quarries or mines • Take a scenic ride – by bike, car, or horse • Find covered bridges • Tour a VT brewery or winery • Sample fresh cheese or milk at a local dairy farm • Search for a legendary monster/serpent in Lake Champlain • Camping privately or at a state facility • Enjoy the 360 degree scenery from a gondola ride There are an endless number of affordable things to do in Vermont. For more ideas visit