Myp personal project january 2014
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MYP Personal Project January 2014. How’s it going?. At this stage in your project, you should be: Close to the completion of your final product (if not totally finished with it). Completing final reflections in your process journals.

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Myp personal project january 2014

MYP Personal Project

January 2014

How s it going
How’s it going?

At this stage in your project, you should be:

  • Close to the completion of your final product (if not totally finished with it).

  • Completing final reflections in your process journals.

  • Done with your research, which you have tracked in Noodletools or another platform (Easybib, etc.)


What if I didn’t do all of those things?

  • Do not hide.

  • Do not give up.

  • Do not pretend you’re doing something when you’re not.

    What should I do instead?

  • Meet with your supervisor. Discuss how you will plan to change your project in order to meet the deadline.

  • Get a plan: see Ms. Clarkson if you need help.

  • Get real with yourself regarding what you can do.

  • Start tracking everything you do in your journal.

Reporting the project
Reporting the project

  • The organization of the report is driven by the assessment criteria.

    • These are available in your Personal Project Resource packet.

  • Each criterion is scored independently.

    • And they’re all weighted equally.

  • Look at one piece at a time.

Organization of the written report
Organization of the written report

  • Title Page

    • Student name

    • The title of the project

    • Length of the written report (word count)

    • School name

    • School Year (2013-2014)

  • Table of Contents (listing sections of the report and page numbers)

    • Introduction (Define the Goal)

    • Selection of Sources

    • Application of Information

    • Achievement of the Goal

    • Reflection on Learning

    • Works Cited

    • Apendices (as needed)

Introduction define the goal
Introduction (Define the Goal)

  • Explain why you were initially interested in the project

  • Define what your goal was in undertaking the project

  • Outline your specifications for success in the project

  • Explain in detail how one of the Areas of Interaction helped you to focus your study of a particular topic.

Selection of sources
Selection of Sources

  • Narrate your research process by explaining what you learned from the sources you consulted.

  • You must evaluate the validity of these sources (i.e. why they are good, bad, reliable or unreliable).

  • This may be multiple paragraphs and must include cited information from your sources.

  • Citations must be both in-text (parenthetical) and end-of-text (in your Works Cited page)

Application of sources
Application of Sources

  • Narrate how you carried your project to completion by applying the information found in your research.

  • This should be multiple paragraphs and should explain how you carried your project to completion by using information from your research.

  • It should include a preliminary reflection on how you used information from research in order to reach the goal of your project.

Achieve the goal
Achieve the goal

  • This should be a relatively brief explanation of how you did on achieving your goal and meeting your specifications.

  • Use the guiding questions in your “Criterion E Reflection” to help you write this.

Reflection on learning
Reflection on Learning

  • Narrate what you learned about your topic as a result of completing this project.

  • Explain in detail what you have learned about your chosen Area of Interaction as a consequence of undertaking this project.

    • Hint: Use the “guiding questions” as “think abouts” for this

  • Explain in detail which Approaches to Learning skills you have developed as a consequence of undertaking the project.

Works cited
Works Cited

  • Must include all sources of information that are cited in the report.

  • Must use correct, MLA documentation.

  • Please, please, please USE NOODLETOOLS TO DO THIS!

  • Additional sources consulted, but not cited in the report may be included as an appendix.


  • These may be necessary depending on the nature of your project. Things that might be included may be:

    • Photographs of your process

    • Transcripts of interviews

    • Plans, illustrations or other documentation that might help the scorers to assess your completion of the project.

    • A list of “works consulted” as distinct from the works cited in your paper.

Nuts and bolts criterion g
Nuts and bolts: Criterion G

  • The last of the criteria (Criterion G) assesses your ability to:

    • organize the project report according to the required structure

    • communicate clearly, coherently and concisely, within required limits (1500-3500 words)

    • acknowledge sources according to recognized conventions. (MLA Documentation throughout)

    • This criterion will include judgments about presentation, writing (or speaking) conventions, mechanics, grammar, word choice, voice, audience, for example.


  • Rough drafts of reports should be turned in on by January 30th.

    • Class ID – 7584612 Password – MYPProject

  • Peer Review process will take place from January 31 to February 4.

    • This is mandatory. If you do not turn in a rough draft, you cannot complete a peer review.

  • Arrange a time (immediately) for your final meeting with your supervisor.

    • This should occur after you have completed your process journal, final project and reflection.

What s next
What’s next?

  • I will be back next week to talk about final requirements for turning in the project and to answer questions about the report.

  • You will start to get emails from me and notes from Mrs. Anderson in the main office about the Personal Project Fair (March 27th) Do not ignore these!

  • Fill in your project description on the school website. This must be completed by February 10th.

Myp personal project january 2014

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