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MYP Personal Project 2014-2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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MYP Personal Project 2014-2015

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MYP Personal Project 2014-2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MYP Personal Project 2014-2015. Presented by Kimberly Villarreal-Thaggard MYP Coordinator & MYP English 2. Questions. What is the personal project? Why should I do a personal project? Example projects?. What is the personal project?.

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myp personal project 2014 2015

MYP Personal Project2014-2015

Presented by

Kimberly Villarreal-Thaggard

MYP Coordinator

& MYP English 2

  • What is the personal project?
  • Why should I do a personal project?
  • Example projects?
what is the personal project
What is the personal project?
  • An extension of your interests, skills, and individual abilities
  • A statement of your deeper understanding of the global contexts; the broad themes upon which the MYP resonates
why is the personal project an important part of ib myp
Why is the Personal Project an important part of IB MYP?
  • It demonstrates your ability to organize, develop, and execute a long term project with independence,
  • It shows your mastery of essential skills in thinking, inquiry, commitment, and follow-through,
  • It serves as a way to share your interests, talents, and passions with others,
  • It indicates your readiness for the Diploma program,
  • Doing things because you are curious, motivated, interested is at the CORE of life-long learning!
what type of project can i do
What type of project can I do?
  • An original form of art (visual, dramatic, performing)
  • A written piece of work on a certain topic
  • A piece of literary fiction
  • An original science experiment
  • An invention
  • A developed business plan, organizational plan, new student organization etc.
programmes and their products
Programmes and their Products
  • Diploma Programme- Extended Essay
  • MYP Year 5- Personal Project
  • MYP Year 3- Community Project
  • Primary Years Programme- Exhibition
purpose of the personal project
Purpose of the Personal Project…

- To engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry.

- To become more independent with your own learning.

- To inquire into an area of learning of which you have personal interest.

- It gives you the opportunity to take action about a real-life issue.

- It unites the whole school community and the wider community through collaborative learning.

- It is a celebration of student transition.

personal project denton high school
Personal Project- Denton High School
  • 1,500 Word Essay, Process Journal and a Final Product in any medium
  • Student Chosen topic
  • Brainstorming begins in Spring of freshmen year
  • Students work with supervisors assigned to topic
  • Submission during Personal Project Fair
what drives the project question of inquiry exploration
What drives the project?Question of Inquiry (Exploration)
  • Are complex & have multiple legitimate answers
  • Lead us to ask more questions about the topic
  • Guide students to deeper levels of thought & discovery
  • Make a connection between the subject matter & world issues
  • Cannot be easily referenced
  • Often tap into a “universal” question
p sample personal project questions
PSample Personal Project Questions
  • How can I help raise money for cancer research?
  • How can I work toward success at the youth American Grand Pre?
  • What can I do to help the unfortunate children in Vietnam?
  • How can I create my own brand of lipgloss?
  • How can I help underprivileged children play sports?
how is it assessed
How is it assessed?

-Rubrics will be used to assess the inquiry process. Look in your Personal Project Handbook.

-Each rubric will assess a different aspect of the Personal Project:

  • The individual journal
  • The process of collating data, researching and analysing research
  • The attitudes, attributes of the learner profile and self management skills (e.g. time management)
  • A self-reflection which is completed by each student
  • The final product
  • DHS MYP Website “Top 10 Personal Projects”
  • Samples from this year’s Personal Project Exhibit
  • Hardcopy Samples in Mrs. Thaggard’s Office