role and need for deen mazhab ki zaroorat n.
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1. ROLE AND NEED FOR DEEN (MAZHAB KI ZAROORAT ). By Muhammad Ali Khan. By: Muhammad Ali Khan. Concept-Dictionary Meaning. Zahab : Go, pass by, walk Mazhab : Method, belief or faith , manner. As per grammar, Mazhab is an adverbial Noun that shows the place or time of an action.

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    1. 1 ROLE AND NEED FOR DEEN (MAZHAB KI ZAROORAT) ByMuhammad Ali Khan By: Muhammad Ali Khan

    2. Concept-Dictionary Meaning Zahab: Go, pass by, walk Mazhab: Method, belief or faith , manner. As per grammar, Mazhab is an adverbial Noun that shows the place or time of an action. (Tasheel,ul-adab, Filisaanula-arb )

    3. Concept • Religion as a “binding together” (Latin, religio, from the verb religare = “to bind together” • Religion is a relationship between the religious devotee and that which is the object of religious devotion (the gods, God) a relationship that binds the two together to :- • Who share the same or similar religious attitudes • Bound with the object of its devotion

    4. Religion is all about rituals and Faiths Gods • Allah • Shiva • Budhh • Zeus • Aherman • Yazdan • Experiences • Love/Ecstasy • Nothingness • Hell/Heaven • Sacrifice Beliefs • Death • Immortality • Atonement • Fate • Prayer Practices(rituals) • Prayers • Meditation • Fasting • Alms • Youga Spirits : Demons, Ancestors, Ghosts

    5. Attempts at a Definition • Emile Durkheim • “A religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things” • Max Weber • Refused to attempt a definition of religion. [Smart Man?]

    6. Concept 6 • Spirituality- • EB Taylor ( Social) • Emotion Ethics • Mathew Arnold (Literature) • Emotional Appeal to accept Almighty • Freud (Psychology) • Only Rituals ? • Humanity

    7. DEENLots of Ins and Outs and What-Have-Yours Deen is neither a single phenomenon, nor a “thing” rather, it is a divine and dynamic collection of institutions, practices, beliefs and social order What's our Religion ?

    8. Components of Deen • “Deen “ means absolute sovereignty (of Allah). • “Deen” means absolute submission (of man to the absolute soverign). • “Deen” indicate reward and accountability. • “Deen” expresses a way of life or a code of conduct.

    9. Difference b/w Deen and Mazhab 9 • Concept • Frame of Reference • Canvas (Broader or Narrow) • Nature (Individual and Collective) • In religious connotation • Al-Kafiroon, Ale-Imran 19/IndAllah Islam, Al-Maida 3/Akmaltukum-Razaiyst, Al-Fatiha)

    10. It was just that the believers of Islam should have accepted and introduced Deen i.e., Deen-e-Islam • On the contrary, a self invented word, Mazhab was opted for against 'Deen', the proof of which is there in neither the Holy Qur’an nor any Prophetic tradition.

    11. Deen Mazhab It is proved by the Holy Qur’an and Ahadees. The Deen in the sight of Allah (SWT) is only Islaam "The Deen before Allah (accepted by Allah) is Islam" (Aal-Imran 3:19) Deen has been approved of and favoured by Allah "Today, I have completed your Deen, and have completed my bliss upon you and accepted for you Islam as a Deen." (Al-Mai’da 5:3) Deen is complete "Today, I have completed your Deen..” (Al-Mai’da 5:3) Deen is Pure “Unquestionably, for Allah is the pure religion. (Az-Zumar 39:3) Not been used in the Holy Qur’an or Ahadees in this context. There is no such proof in Mazhab rather Mazhab is Sectarianism. There is no scope or rather an instance of Sectarianism or Mazaahib in Islaam. And is self made Mazaahib are incomplete. Hence, the whole way of life in Mazaahibis self-made law which is against Islaam. Mazaahib are not pure; indeed they are adulterated and have the combination of Statements, Proclamations, advices and suggestions which are self-made and are contradictory to Islamic concepts

    12. Deen Mazhab Deen has been chosen by Allah . “Indeed Allah has chosen for you this Deen…” (Al-Baqara 2:132) Only Deen will be accepted And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. (Aal-Imran 3:85) The purpose of Jihad in Deen is to establish the Deen of Allah completely. “And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah. And if they cease - then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do.”(Al-Anfal 8:39) Mazaahib are Self-made and are made with human-intervention. Since Mazaahib are self-made and against Islam undoubtedly it will not be accepted. The purpose of Jihad (which cannot be called as Jihad, anyways) in Mazaahib is to continue the sect based on some Personality, Individuality, Community or Region.

    13. Two Theories of Evolution of Religion/Deen 13 • Islamic Point of View • 7 Stages _Evolution of Religion • Atheism • Worshiping the Nature • Fear and Greed • Totoism • Worshiping the Elders (Past) • Idolatry • Monotheism • In Future

    14. Need of Religion/Deen Pascal Boyer’s Religion Explained (2001) • Religion Provides Explanations • People created religion to explain puzzling natural phenomena • Religion explains puzzling experiences: dreams, forethought, etc • Religion explains the origins of things • Religion explains why there is evil and suffering

    15. Need of Religion/Deen • Religion provides comfort • Religious explanations make mortality less unbearable • Religion allays anxiety and makes for a comfortable world

    16. Need of Religion/Deen • Religion provides Social Order • Religion holds society together • Religion perpetuates a particular social order • Religion supports morality

    17. Cont… Religion is a cognitive approach • People are superstitious; they will believe anything • Religious concepts are irrefutable and Refutation is more difficult than belief

    18. Encounter with Ideological Vacuum   • Man cannot live in an ideological vacuum for long • tendency towards a wrong ideology and false values • His intellectual life is not filled with sound beliefs • A superstitious and even destructive ideas may find way into his spiritual firmament • man's tendency towards idolatry, man worship, diverse superstitions • All this originates from spiritual vacuum. • It is religion which can fill the ideological vacuum

    19. Need of Religion 19 • All civilizations have their Religions, Great civilizations are not died, they attempt suicide • All social system requires religion • Religion and Science • Guidance to Wisdom • Religion as Change Agent for Natural, Spiritual, social needs

    20. Cont… 20 • Universal Peace v/s Materialistic Development • (survival of the fittest is questioned) • Life after death– possibility only in religion • Accountability here and in life after death • Religion for Social Correction , Reformist movements • Religion as Panacea

    21. Liberal Arguments for need of Deen /Religion 21 • August Comte • Theological (Religion) • Metaphysical ( Philosophy and Psychology) • Positive Stage (Science) • Napoleon says “It has kept the poor murdering the rich” • Supernatural hope in dooms hopes (Imam Jaffar RA) • Heaven and utopia are buckets in a well if one goes up other goes down • Religion Rich in Miracle system and myths is needed

    22. World is Religious today, even ! • “Worldwide, more than eight-in-ten people identify with a religious group,” says a new comprehensive demographic study of more than 230 countries and territories conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life • “There are 5.8 billion religiously affiliated adults and children around the globe, representing 84 percent of the 2010 world population of 6.9 billion,” the analysis states.

    23. Cont… • 2.2 billion Christians (32 percent) • 1.6 billion Muslims (23 percent) • 1 billion Hindus (15 percent) • 500 million Buddhists (7 percent) • 400 million people (6 percent) • There are 14 million Jews • 58 million people-slightly less than 1 percent of the global population belong to other religions

    24. Cont… • Christians  • Vatican City 100% Christians, USA Majority of the Christians 230 Mi, More Jews in USA (66 Lac than Israel 59 Lac) • Muslims • Mauritania 99.9%, Maldives 99.4%,Yemen 99.1,Somalia & Afghanistan 99%  • 220 M in Indonesia, 177 Mi in India, KSA 26 M • Hinduism • 81 % Population of Nipal is Hindu, 957 M in India • Majority of Jainism-5M, Bahai-2M,Sikhs-28M are also in India

    25. Agnostics and Atheists •  Japan (76%) •  Sweden (65.5%) • Denmark (61.5%) •  Hong Kong 57% •  France (53.5%) •  Norway (51.5%)

    26. Role of Religion 26 • Points described in need for religion are also the role of religion as: • Example • To define good and bad we need religion and it is role of a religion to define good and bad.

    27. Impact of Deen or Religion • Religion is a belief which creates a Private Relationship between God and Man • Therefore , they believe that religion is one’s personal matter which has not influence on life in this world. • They consider that the laws of the worldly life should be on logic and reason • Other religions bifurcate life into spiritual and material realms but Islam

    28. Explanation of life • Religion leads man of an inner , most institute experience to the acceptance of unitary explanation of life • It is only faith that cultivates these virtues within man and impels him to automatic righteousness and adherence to duty to make sacrifices for the sake of others. • Will Durant says in 'Pleasures of Philosophy' that, without the backing of religion, morality is nothing more than arithmomancy , as without it, the sense of obligation disappears

    29. Power to Endure Adversities of Life • Religion provides power for facing adversities and serves as a fortification against undesirable reactions of despair and hopelessness • A religious man, with firm belief in Allah, and of His munificence, does not find himself in utter desperation even in the worst moments , as he knows,heis under the protection of a Being who is Almighty. • Every problem can be solved and every deadlock can be resolved with His help, he can overcome every disappointment and hopelessness

    30. Strength for life- No Fear • Holy Quran says: • "Surely those who are close to Allah, have no fear nor shall they grieve." (SurahYounus, 10:62) • According to Dr. Durant, • Behavior of a man who is not blessed with reliance on religion suffers from special confusion, and the life which has not the comforting support of religion, is an unbearable burden

    31. Roots of Religious Sense • It covers the entire recorded history of human life and in pre-historic times Religious Institution are found • Islam is in harmony with nature which Allah has designed for man. ( Surah al -Rum,30 : 30) • Research carried out by sociologists and historians shows that places of worship have always had an influence on human life, and religion in its various shapes has been interwoven with its history

    32. A thought ! 32 • Is religion possible without GOD ? • Is religion a cause to recognize the GOD ? • Will religion end when human beings will reach at Heaven or Hell ? • HazratAli (RA) said “Mein nyapnyKhudakoapnyeradon k totnysypahchana” ( I recognized my God , when my intentions were doomed)

    33. Epilogue 33 • Even Rationalism w/o religion will be blunder • As long as there is poverty these will be gods • God is a beautiful manifestation of human wishes

    34. Question about need for religion Define Religion, also describing its necessity, importance and kinds of distinguishing between Revealed and Non Revealed religions. (2002) Despite the scientific and technological advancement the present society is facing moral decline and mental anarchy. In these circumstances elucidate the importance and effectiveness of Religion. (2007) Differentiate between the Din and Religion. State the important points of Co-Existence among Islam and world religions in the present scenario. (2010) Describe the necessity and importance of religion for man and its effects on human life. (2012)