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Domestic Help & Best Maid Agencies PowerPoint Presentation
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Domestic Help & Best Maid Agencies

Domestic Help & Best Maid Agencies

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Domestic Help & Best Maid Agencies

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  1. Maids "R" Us

  2. About Maids R Us Maids R us is an employment agency for maids in Singapore. It helps in providing domestic help to people who would like to apply through the agency. It’s a Singapore based agency that provides employment to maids and in turn helps the people who are seeking domestic aid in some form or the other. Many of the people or clients are the ones who have moved to Singapore for some reason or the other and are badly seeking a foreign domestic helper who could help them in completing their daily chores.

  3. Why choose a maid agency at all? Each one of us requires some kind of help at home to complete our daily chores. Especially families where there are children the work load is doubled and its quite impossible to complete all chores on your own without taking any help from anyone. There are many homes which require special care for their older aged parents or grandparents in order to provide them a safe, secure and a loved environment to live in and it is then when the concept of Maid Agencies comes into light. There are many such homes where the couples want to take complete responsibility of they loved aged parents.

  4. Our Service • Maid Agency in Singapore  • Domestic Maid Agency Singapore • Maid Agency Singapore • Singapore Maid Agency

  5. Maid Agency Singapore Weas a Maid Agency in Singapore help a large number of domestic helpers who are seeking employment and are in need of a job on an immediate basis. With our decisive and positive approach we make the best happen for you so do try and look for us in case of need. We are constantly working towards the interest of the people who are associated with us and provide results in no time. We care about our clients as well as the person who is in need of the job. We work hand in hand to make things easy for you.

  6. Domestic Helper Agency In Singapore As a domestic helper agency in Singapore, with the help of our productive resources we are capable to providing adequate support to our clients and the people seeking employment. We are competitive and most reliable with a view to provide valuable services in the earliest possible duration of time. are services are quite cost effective and we genuinely believe in helping others as much as possible. In this fast moving tough lives we help recruit skilled and efficient people on board who can be relied on and who would also like to get associated for a long period of time.

  7. Very People Friendly Agency Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are also established to form healthy relations with both sides. We are a very people friendly agency and would love to get associated or correlate with more and more people who are seeking domestic helpers for their peaceful and friendly home environments. We would appreciate if you contact as when in need and give us an opportunity to help you out the best that we can do for you.

  8. Regulations of Hiring a Maid in Singapore Procuring household help in our island city is an easy feat. Our foreign employment agency works for the client right from the start, and oversees the entire process to make it as easy as possible for you. Our comprehensive and dedicated service to your worker’s application process is also completely reliable, thanks to our focus on transparency. Maids R Us aims to walk customers through the entire process while simultaneously completing all application formalities with the Ministry of Manpower. We believe in forming sturdy relationships with our clients as well as foreign domestic housekeepers in singapore.

  9. Contact Us MAIDS R US 131 Tanglin Road #02-03, Tudor Court (next to Tanglin Mall) Singapore 247324 Tel: (+65) 9186 6527 Email: