The mother and the motherland
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The Mother and the motherland. English, 9 th Grade , Chapter 6 . Shankara.

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The mother and the motherland

The Mother and the motherland

English, 9th Grade , Chapter 6



He was born in Kaladi , a beautiful village on the banks of river Poorna . He lost his father in his early childhood . His mother Aryamba brought him up with all love and care . For poor Aryamba , he was the light of his mother’s eyes and spirit of her life.

  • Shankara was a precocious child.

  • He was incredibly brilliant in his studies , his reasoning was always accurate and his social interactions were of softness and humility.

  • The whole village loved him for his admirable qualities.

  • It was a hot summer day in Kaladi . Aryamba was going to the river Poorna to take a bath . It was her practice to take a holy dip in the river everyday. Aryamba was old and weak and the river was far away from the house.

  • On her way to the river , Aryamba fell down and fainted . Little Shankara ran to her rescue and nursed his mother. He adviced his mother to give up her old practice. But she would not . So Shankara thought of a plan.

  • He carried out his wonderful plan. The course of the river was diverted . Then the Poorna started flowing in front of their house . It became a boon to the whole village.

What did s hankara want to do
What did Shankarawant to do?

  • By the age of 8 Shankara had become a profound scholar and always thought of peace and prosperity for all.

  • He wanted to unite the people of different faiths .

  • He wanted to become a Sanyasi and bring about a spiritual metamorphosis .

  • He wanted to become a reformer and wipe out social evils.

    What did his mother want him to do?

  • Marry and setup a family .Support her in her old age.

  • She said she would let him become a Sanyasi to serve the motherland on one condition that he visit her on her death and perform her final rites.

On becoming a Sanyasi

  • Travelled across the length and breadth of India .

  • Shankara‘s philosophy was “God is Omnipresent and the same lord is called by different names “.

  • Pandits of Kashmir honored him as a teacher Omniscient .

  • Established mutts at the following locations

    • Puri in the East

    • Sringeri in the South

    • Dwaraka in the west

    • Badrinath in the North

  • He wanted to awaken the oneness among the people of our country.


  • One day he learnt about the ill health of his mother .So he rushed home to see his mother.

  • Aryamba was bedridden , and was longing to see her son who had become a great reformer and sage.

  • Shankara told his mother : “ Amma you are great , great as the mother of the universe. I salute you , I serve you. Be in peace. “

  • Aryamba breathed her last and Shankara performed her final rites.He kept his promise to his mother even though it was against tradition.

  • Thus Shankara served both his mother and mother land.

Easy questions
Easy questions

  • Name the river mentioned in the lesson

    • Poorna

  • Who brought up Shankara ?

    • Aryamba

  • Why did Shankara’s mother visit the river daily?

    • To take bath

  • What title did the pandits of Kashmir give Shankara?

    • Omniscient

Who said to whom and when
Who said to Whom and when

  • Aryamba

  • Shankara

  • Shankara wanted to become a sanyasi , and his mother agreed to this on the condition that he perform her final rites

Who said to whom and when1
Who said to Whom and when

  • Shankara

  • Aryamba ,Shankara’s mother

  • When Shankara’s mother is on her death bed

Who said to whom and when2
Who said to Whom and when

  • Teacher

  • Raghunath , a Student

  • Shankara, a Sanyasi performing the final rites of his mother was considered wrong as it was against tradition

Convert to indirect speech
Convert to indirect speech

  • Shankara said “Mother I will serve you “.

    • Shankara said to his mother that he will serve her

  • Deepti said “Sumukh, I will go to Bangalore tomorrow”.

    • Deepti said to Sumukh that she will go to Bangalore tomorrow

  • Nazeer said “Hari, I like you very much”.

    • Nazeer said to Hari that she likes him very much

  • The teacher said “I will take a special class on Sunday”.

    • The teacher said that he will take a special class on Sunday

  • The captain said , “We will win the match”.

    • The captain said that we will win the match

Convert to passive voice
Convert to passive voice

  • Vibha prepared coffee .

    • Coffee was prepared by Vibha.

  • Krishna cleaned the bicycle.

    • Bicycle was cleaned by Krishna.

  • Ashwatha welcomed the guest.

    • The guest was welecomed by Ashwatha.

  • Sanjaya killed the rat.

    • The rat was killed by Sanjaya.

  • Kishnu opened the gate.

    • The gate was opened by Kishnu.

  • Pratheek is reading a story.

    • A story is being read by Pratheek.

  • Shashwathi is doing homework.

    • Home work is being done by Shaswathi.

  • Megha is watching a film.

    • A film is being watched by Megha.

  • Aishwarya honored the teacher.

    • The teacher was honored by Aishwarya.

  • Vineetha is washing the frock.

    • The frock is being washed by Vineetha.

Fill up with prepositions

Kashi is onthe banks ofriver Ganga. It is a place ofpilgrimage formillions ofIndians. Lord Vishwanatha is the presiding deity ofKashi. People go toKashitovisit the temple ofVishwanatha. They pray forthe blessing of the Lord.