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Kentucky. Kentucky. VERY Rural Ranks 44 th in poverty Ranks 8 th in unemployment Estimated 874K with disabilities Fire, EMS are volunteers in rural areas. Kentucky Disasters. Flood Tornado Ice Storm Gulf Coast E vacuation C enter New Madrid Earthquake. How it all began!.

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  1. Kentucky

  2. Kentucky • VERY Rural • Ranks 44th in poverty • Ranks 8th in unemployment • Estimated 874K with disabilities • Fire, EMS are volunteers in rural areas

  3. Kentucky Disasters • Flood • Tornado • Ice Storm • Gulf Coast Evacuation Center • New Madrid Earthquake

  4. How it all began! • Collaboration began in 2005 • National conference on disabilities • Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Public Health, Department of Community Based Services, Office on Aging and the Developmental Disabilities Council At The Governors Request

  5. WHAT AM I DOING HERE ????????????????????

  6. THROUGH GUIDED FACILITATION • We accomplished • A knowledge base of each agency and the role each plays in all areas of disaster • A work plan - ‘NEXT STEPS’ that is updated annually. • Other partners that were needed • A readiness to work cooperatively

  7. Partnership Expanded • Private organizations representing individuals with disabilities, children and the aging population • University programs, state agencies, private disaster agencies, human services organizations • Individual advocates • About 40 in total

  8. What have we accomplished • Held a large Summit that included anyone that was interested in all aspects of emergency planning for individuals with disabilities • Over 150 attendees from every part of the state • Held break out session with facilitated discussion on – preparedness, response and recovery • Developed an outcome focused project plan based on the input provided by the Summit attendees

  9. First Responders and Community Responders • Held two conferences to focus on First Responders and Community Response agencies to at the local level • All presentations were provided by individuals with disabilities • OUTCOME DIALOGUE WAS OPENED • Distributed over 2500 First Responder handbooks • Preparations underway for 4th conference due to demand – will focus on rural Appalachian Mountains

  10. Individuals and Families • Hosted smaller venue preparedness activities for individuals with disabilities • Open house – responders, utility, pharmacy • Allows for a relaxed atmosphere • If possible hold at shelter • Explain how to plan and what will happen if evacuation • Homeland Security begins at Home • Tools for planning • Neighbors Helping Neighbors • Distributed over 200 ‘Ready Bags’

  11. Adopted by Public Health Created a charter Function under Public Health Formally a part of Health Emergency Management as a sub-committee with a representative on the larger committee This has given the committee a formal status within the emergency management structure

  12. The BEST PART • Considered a valuable partner and resource • Always at the table

  13. The 3 T’s Trust, Turf and Time

  14. Collaboration Defined As: • an exchanging of information, altering activities, sharing resources and enhancing the capacity of another for mutual benefit. • To achieve a common purpose by sharing risks, responsibilities and rewards.

  15. Trust and Turf • Is not built overnight - it takes TIME • Building is a transformation process that must • Respect diversity of values • Respect diversity of perspective • A willingness to listen • A willingness to respectfully educate • A willingness to share power • Mutual Learning • Mutual accountability • A willingness to draw out ideas and information in ways that contribute to effective problem solving • Leave ‘ego’ at the door

  16. Trust and Turf cont. • It comes through building relationships through engaging honest sometimes NOT PC but respectful conversation • Put away ‘this is the way we have always done it’ or ‘it’s the law’ • Put on your teaching and listening hats

  17. Things to consider • Engage a facilitator when beginning • We all view the world through different lenses • Cultural (native heritage, work/living environment, generational) • Language (native heritage, acronyms, work living environment, generational) • Do not continue to restate the problem – move forward – FIND SOLUTIONS

  18. Last But Not Least • Maintain a VERY good sense of humor and flexibility especially during those times when the process gets a bit messy.

  19. Pat Seybold Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities Pat.seybold@ky.gov 1-877-367-5332

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